“Health is prosperity” – this is what people tell us so that we can take care of ourselves, live long and enjoy life to the full. In seeking ways to stay healthy, it is important to have an ally who is always there for you at every step of your health journey.

By visiting the Felicidad Sy health and wellness center at St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) in Bonifacio Global City (in Taguig), patients receive a holistic assessment of their health and safety based on the knowledge of medical experts. The health and wellness center offers a wide range of executive check-up packages tailored to the different needs of patients, such as: B. Diabetes Screening, Obesity Screening, and Basic Health Screening.

SLMC patients have viewed the health and wellness center as a reliable partner for their health needs. Chris and Clarisse Tiu, for example, recently visited the center and shared their experiences. “The place is very welcoming, it’s not intimidating at all. It doesn’t feel like a sick exam, it feels like a fountain[ness] Visit, ”said Clarisse. Meanwhile, Chris praised the center’s one-stop-shop setup.

Former PBA player Chris Tiu and his wife Clarisse share their wellness experience.

“I found it very convenient that we didn’t have to keep walking up and down or going to different centers to do the different tests. Everything was done in one facility or one room, ”he remarked.

The former PBA player also took note of the center’s security protocols. “As soon as you enter the hospital, you will need a health declaration form. We had to undergo a PCR test even before the wellness executive check, ”he said.

Clarisse also said other people should patronize the health and wellness center for its patient-centered services. “If you want to have all of your tests conveniently and safely in one place while having a really enjoyable experience, we definitely recommend it to our friends and family,” she added.

Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero and his wife Heart Evangelista talk about their wellness journey.

The governor of Sorsogon, Chiz Escudero, and his wife Heart Evangelista were also delighted with their experience at the center. When asked what he liked about the place, Escudero praised the professionalism of the staff. “You feel very safe and you feel safe and you feel confident,” he said.

Heart also praised the convenience of the center’s health services. “They have a really good schedule that is all Tuloy-Tuloy. I really appreciate that because everyone is so quick,” she remarked. “You actually feel like you are checking into a hotel.”

Chiz also praised St. Luke’s meticulous safety protocols implemented at the health and wellness center. “This is what you expect from the country’s leading hospital not only when it comes to wellness, but also when it comes to treating possible diseases in the human body that you may be suffering from,” he said.

When asked if she would recommend the center to others, Heart said, “I think this is the best way to start or end your year.”

The health and wellness center continues to innovate to provide the best possible quality of service to patients. In line with International Women’s Month, the center is offering St. Luke’s Women’s Health in Check Package from March 1 to May 31, 2021 to help patients address health concerns before they begin. The package includes multiple benefits such as Pap smear, gyno ultrasound, and breast ultrasound, plus a complementary health and medical history review and COVID-19 RT-PCR test.

At St. Luke’s Medical Center, patients can rest assured that their care and satisfaction are top priorities.

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