Beauty Therapists: Level 3 Wellbeing and Holistic Therapist Apprenticeship Ready for Childbirth

The Level 3 Wellbeing and Holistic Therapist Apprenticeship may be offered by the Institute of Apprenticeship and Technical Training with a maximum funding limit of £ 9,000.

Beauty therapists in England learn how to support the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of their clients through wellness experiences and holistic treatments.

Employers in England can receive an incentive of £ 3,000 for all new employees of all ages starting their apprenticeship between April 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021.

You can read the Standard and Assessment Plan for Level 3 Wellbeing and Holistic Education here.

Diane Hey, Vice President of Beauty Professional Steering Group, commented, “Wellbeing has seen a sharp surge and rebirth of consciousness and is finally being recognized with scientific evidence to support the positive effects of wellness, holistic treatments, relaxation, and touch therapies how they can support everyone.

“These therapists will be endowed with the knowledge, skills and behavior to provide clients, workplaces and organizations with a range of wellness treatments and experiences that will help clients achieve a better sense of physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing . This is more important than ever as we recover from the coronavirus pandemic. “

Industry reactions:

Caroline Larissey, Director of Quality and Standards at the National Hair & Beauty Federation, said, “The approval to provide the Level 3 Wellness and Holistic Therapist Training Standard is very timely as it is an additional avenue for beauty therapists to access the bar the ability to offer broader therapeutic services to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of clients through a range of holistic therapies and wellbeing therapies.

“In these challenging times, it is more important than ever that we have a set of training standards, suitable funding bands and incentives that support apprentices and meet the needs of our industry.

She added, “Mental health is the leading cause of disability in the UK. The total cost of mental illness in England has been estimated at £ 105.2 billion a year, which has increased given the current situation.”

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