Who else remembers when Heelys and light-up Skechers were furious? Adidas is channeling the same playful energy into a new pair of Ultraboost DNA x LEGO Plates Shoes ($ 200), and the huge levels of childhood nostalgia have us ready to run, jump and climb all over the jungle (also called the home gym). Unlike regular Adidas shoes, these have plastic strips on the sides, so you can slide in up to three LEGO plates two-to-two per. Castle and customize your look before your scenic morning drive or your quick afternoon workout.

The toe and the inside of the shoes – which have a boost midsole – also include a pair of fun nods to childhood building blocks, including the LEGO logo on the tongue of sneakers. Of course, if you want to go out with your customization, you can swap the included bricks next to any LEGO slabs you happen to be lying around the house. We think blue and green for a sprint by the water or even pink, orange and yellow to reflect the sunset during an evening jog.

In 2020, the brands created a pair of Adidas Originals x LEGO ZX8000 Sneakers, which were only available via lottery. But the new Ultraboost sneakers are available on the Adidas website – so were they. Nostalgic LEGO lovers were quick to grab every available pair of shoes, but Adidas expects to have a new shipment in early May 3, so you can bet we’ll set a reminder to grab a pair when they is back . Check out the shoes and some of the colorful LEGO pattern options here.