CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE) – WellRight, a leading provider of comprehensive wellness programs, today announced the signing of its newest client, Stuller. Stuller is a fine jewelry wholesaler based in Lafayette, Louisiana. The company has a diverse workforce with more than 1,200 employees in the United States

“We were looking for a program that went beyond the baseline that was already in place and offered a fresh and exciting approach to wellness,” said Katie Gilbert, Manager of Benefits and Wellness at Stuller. “With WellRight, we are able to implement a comprehensive, holistic approach that goes beyond the steps and challenges of losing weight and focuses on additional essential pillars of wellbeing, including financial and emotional health.”

Stuller has already seen a significant increase in engagement. A significant number of employees completed their health risk assessments within the first week and launched bespoke personal challenges, a feature only WellRight offers. “We are encouraged by the number of registrations and activities our employees have participated in. With the ease and flexibility of WellRight, we hope that the wellness program staff will find out what really resonates with them and comment on them positively Encourage behavior change. ” says Gilbert.

WellRight President and CEO Tad Mitchell added, “With WellRight, organizations can seamlessly integrate data and create a wellness program that is as unique as their employees. Creating activities around core motivations is a fundamental way to build engagement over time, which leads to healthier habits and, ultimately, a better bottom line. ”

“WellRight’s holistic approach to wellbeing has allowed us to expand our program and engage our employees on a whole new level,” concludes Gilbert.

About WellRight:

WellRight offers complete wellness programs that address key dimensions of holistic health. Every aspect of the program has been designed to make wellbeing a permanent habit. The program includes variety and flexibility through customizable group and personal wellness challenges, a comprehensive health assessment, free coaching, clear progress bars to track results, and fun reward structures to build and maintain motivation and commitment. Learn more at

About Stuller:

In 1970 Matthew Stuller founded Stuller Inc. based in Lafayette, Louisiana. For over 50 years, this world-class manufacturer has offered jewelry professionals a wide range of goods and services. Stuller’s main product categories include bridal jewelry, wedding rings, fine jewelry, mounts, diamonds, gemstones, found objects, metals, tools, packaging and digital solutions.

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