Shubanka Sridhar, March 30, 2021

Suniel Shetty (Source: Instagram | @ suniel.shetty)

Suniel Shetty has always been someone who has lived a life of discipline and fitness. So it would be super cool to hear from the man himself what it takes to stay fit and adopt a holistic and healthy lifestyle, wouldn’t it?

We exclusively told you how the actor is supposed to host a radio show, and it’s called ’21 Din Wellness In ‘on BIG FM, which is exactly where he’ll talk about – about the various aspects of a holistic and healthy life and destroying myths and tips on fitness , Diet, mental health and much more. I had the chance to have a quick chat with the man himself, where he explained that this is a show that is made for the masses, for people from all walks of life and all about simple living.

His idea is that anything you start practicing takes 21 days to become a habit, and his goal is for people to make wellness a habit. He says, “In 7 days you will feel it, in 14 days you will see it and in 21 days you will hear it from everyone around you, and that is the aim of his show.”

Given that he deals with mental health on the show, today’s time is not just an issue for the millennial generation, but also something that people of older generations are trying to capture and understand – especially after the pandemic. He argues that it is a different struggle for each generation and that the people of our parents ‘and grandparents’ generations are currently facing loneliness more than anything, which could potentially affect their mental health.

He adds:

We give “gyaan” to our parents from everything we read on social media. We couldn’t obey it ourselves. We tell them not to go out now and how it is not safe. But we don’t give them our time either, as we are always busy. This show aims to address this issue from both the children’s and the senior’s perspective in order to bring about a change.

Talking about diets people adopt, mostly influenced by celebrities, he says that he has always eaten simple organic foods grown in his garden and kitchen, and that’s what the show will talk about, too – simple diets that is accessible and easy.

If you ask him about a lifestyle change in his life that changed the game for him, his answer is simply, “Discipline”. He says it’s super important to start and work through something and dedicate an hour in a day to yourself as “ME time”.

Well, these are already so enlightening and helpful points and I am very excited to hear more such conversations on ’21 Din Wellness In ‘which is now airing on BIG FM.

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