Newton Falls – Newton Falls has it all and more! With unique shops down Broad Street, fun festivals for everyone, plans for a revitalized community center, it turns heads trying to do all it has to offer. Perhaps Suzelis Holistic Health is for you.

Suzelis Holistic Health brings the best of holistic health and natural health therapies to the Newton Falls area. It is conveniently located at 41 W Broad St, with ample parking in front of and behind the building. Upon entering, the visitor is greeted with a beautiful mural that has a calming effect as soon as the door of the busy city closes. There are many ways to find your optimal health here. It’s a spa and more. Health experts of many healing methods are at your disposal. The company wants to provide you with the help you need for optimal health. They also hope to convey to people that they have the tools, knowledge, and resources to do the best for themselves. Having multiple practitioners helps people more and gives them more opportunities. A number of supplements are also available.

Naturopaths are:

Synthia Suzelis. She is a naturopath and founder of the company. She uses natural techniques in her practice, including homeopathy, Bach flowers and nutrients. Synthia is not currently accepting customers.


Dr. Ted Suzelis is a naturopathic doctor and has practiced in the Mahoning Valley area for 19 years. Its goal is to help patients reach the levels of health and energy to do what they want with their lives.

Ashley Suzelis is a licensed beautician specializing in holistic skin care. She runs the Forest of Youth Spa and uses a combination of organic botanicals and modern skin care technology.

Jeanne Wilson conducts non-invasive screenings that aid in the early detection, prevention and intervention of diseases and disorders.

Walter Zielinski is a qualified masseur who tailors his massage to the needs of the customer. Walt graduated from the Ohio College of Massotherapy at Akron and is licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio.

Karen Shardy is the reflexologist. If you’ve never had a reflexology massage, you are missing out! Reflexology is a complementary therapy that uses pressure points on the feet, legs, hands, face and ears.

Tim Iliff is a registered acupuncturist. He has over 8 years of acupuncture experience helping people overcome pain. He was the first acupuncturist hired by the United States Air Force to treat combat injuries and help reduce morphine addiction.

The office couldn’t run smoothly without Debbi and Katy doing a fantastic job.

Mr. Iliff granted this reporter an extended audience. What a source of information! He holds a Masters Degree in Oriental Acupuncture and a PhD in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He has designed graduate courses in pain therapy. All in all, he has over 5,000 hours of education. Although he is able to “treat anything that aches you,” he specializes in relieving severe pain that has not responded well to other treatments. He works from this location as well as from the Boardman Ohio Naturopathic Wellness Center.

Tim is a transplant from San Diego. He likes the Ohio climate and the variety of the seasons. If anything, he would like more snow. He thinks Ohio is a nice place to raise children. Agreed upon!

Acupuncture uses tiny needles that are inserted through the skin into points on the body in relation to the pathways of ‘chi’, the life energies. While this may sound strange to the Western ear, Western practitioners may describe it as stimulating nerves, muscles, and connective tissue. He offers this information to the needle nerve – it takes 36 acupuncture needles to produce the size of an injection needle. Speaking of tiny, they’re the width of a human hair and 0.25mm thick. He showed one and even bent it to show his flexibility. For needle phobia, he can also offer 3 non-needle based therapies; Ear seeds, Toyo Hari, Cupping / Guasha. All of them improve local blood flow in painful areas, which allows the injury to recover faster. From careful observation, he suspected this reporter was injured. In fact, she fell down concrete stairs earlier this week. He demonstrated the power of the ear seeds by strategically placing them on the lobe of the left ear, using baccarat seeds in tiny bandages, as well as using the right ear to help solve a shoulder problem. A warm flush occurred a few moments after the onset, known as the normal reaction. The once huge bruise, which was an angry deep purple at the time, is a faded yellow just two days later. The right shoulder is playing the cello again!

All practitioners have different hours at the center. Mr. Iliff is available Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 6 a.m. When asked to describe a “perfect day”, he sees around 25 patients, does homework and does exercises. Stay busy. That day sounds pretty busy. His plans for the future include further alliances with other health care providers to ensure everyone gets the care they need, regardless of who.

He also participates in fundraising campaigns about acupuncture for a good cause. He did three for the Autism Society. On a certain day, he offers a discount. On that day, 100% of the money goes to this charity. He did one in October 2020 that the WKBN News reported on. He’ll be holding one for the Autism Society again soon! Call the office to find out when. He also ran a fundraiser for Synthia Suzelis.

Synthia is the owner of Suzelis Holistic Health. As many community members know, she suffered a severe stroke in April. While she is at home now, the family needs support. Tim held his fundraising day to help the family. There’s an upcoming fundraiser from Healthy Treasures (across Broad Street), co-owned by Synthia and her husband Ted. They’ll be selling tickets to a charity dinner, including a raffle and live auction. The fundraiser will take place on August 8th from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm at St. Peter of the Fields Catholic Church in Rootstown. Tickets are sold in advance and the closing date for purchase is July 24th. Contact Pam Talanca, Broad Street Vintage, 330-872-1988, or Healthy Treasures Health Food Store, 330-872-1119 for tickets.

You can reach Mr. Iliff or one of the other practitioners at Suzelis Holist Health, (330) 872-1577.

They are available on Facebook at Suzelis Holist Health Alternative & Holistic Health Service and on the Internet at

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