August is the month of vacation. Some flee to the mountains, others to the beach, some travel abroad, and some avoid the crowds by staying in place. For those staying on the island in early August, Soul Space organizes a holistic summer break in the village of Kampia to soothe the mind, body and soul.

The revitalizing retreat from August 4th to 11th takes place in the beautiful Angel’s Hills Mountain Resort, where visitors can enjoy the fresh expanse of the landscape and the forests. The seven-day retreat will be an entertaining, playful happening, but also emphasizes the deepening of self-knowledge through various practices, courses and healing rituals. There will be daily yoga and meditation sessions in nature and by the pool, as well as a three-hour tantra workshop in the purifying pine forest. Other highlights of the retreat include a two-hour ecstatic yoga and dance at night with a live DJ, as well as a hike on a nature trail, followed by yoga, meditation, and pranayama on the mountain top.

The week welcomes all possible guests and is intended to be a refreshing and exciting event to balance the nervous system, strengthen and strengthen the immune system, release energy blockages and revitalize the functioning of body and mind.

“Would you like to enjoy the simple joys of life … relax, switch off, let go and let go, nourish and heal your body and mind, feel at one with yourself, others and nature and immerse yourself in the essence of life your true self?” ask organizer Soul Space. “The retreat can be great as a girls vacation, romantic and impromptu couple vacation, time for you and your dog, or a rejuvenating personal vacation.”

The prices between € 450 and € 900 include seven nights in the mountain resort, all meals and courses. Optional extras such as holistic therapies and spa treatments as well as trips to the beach and tourist attractions can be added to the retreat program for a full week of adventure in the nature of Cyprus.

Holistic summer break

Summer retreat with yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance and more. From soul space. 4th-11th August. Angel’s Hills Mountain Resort, Kampia Village. [email protected]

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