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January 16, 2021 2 min read

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It’s a New Year and millions of people are making resolutions to get healthy and fit in 2021. But simply deciding that you are going to get in shape and actually do it are completely different things. An overhaul of your health often means an overhaul of your life. However, Verv Home Workout Planner will work with you to meet all of your health and wellness goals that can make you a better entrepreneur.

Verv has four building blocks – physical activity, diet, sleep, and mindfulness – that will help you become your healthiest self without making massive changes. Each building block is characterized by simplicity, effectiveness, and personalization to work with you, not against you.

Verv offers a wide variety of at-home workouts, from muscle building programs for specific body parts to cardio workouts. There are even energetic dance tutorials to help you burn calories while having fun. It offers unique 30-day fitness challenges that will motivate you and help you build your strength. It also offers interval training with audio instructions as well as detailed statistics to keep track of your progress. Plus, Verv lets you customize your own training plans to help you achieve your goals.

In addition to fitness, Verv offers menus for every taste. With delicious recipes with prep time and number of calories, you can create a perfect eating plan whether you are vegan or vegetarian, on a keto diet, or have other restrictions.

Finally, Verv offers more than 270 guided meditations and short exercises to improve your mindfulness and reduce stress and anxiety. With sleep stories and ASMR, Verv helps you sleep better while soothing tunes help you relax after a hard workout.

Everything you do in Verv can also be synced with the Apple Health app to keep all of your workouts organized. Verv is such a comprehensive health and wellness act that it earned 4.7 stars on more than 24,000 reviews and is currently number 44 in the iOS Health and Fitness category.

Get a better health and wellness routine this year with the help of Verv. Currently, a premium lifetime subscription is only $ 39.99.