Tata Motors today announced the launch of ‘Wheels of Love’, a holistic program designed to support new parents on their exciting journey as both parent and valued employees while promoting an advanced culture of caring, inclusion and awareness within the company at all Levels promotes.
Also presented in the form of a specially curated book, ‘Wheels of Love’ contains several principles that enable new and expectant parents to successfully address the need to focus on their growing family while achieving their career goals. In addition to guiding parents, the books also provide valuable insights for managers to support their team members on their way through the various stages of parenting.
Ravindra Kumar GP, Tata Motors Chief Human Resources Officer, announced the launch of ‘Wheels of Love’ and said: “At Tata Motors, we have seen diversity and inclusion at all levels as a strategy for success. Over the years we’ve strived to create a gender-sensitive workspace that is both sensitive and inclusive. It is based on creating an ecosystem that is attractive and supportive to female professionals at various stages in their lives and careers. ‘Wheels of Love’ drives this thinking by creating a cohesive network of connection, warmth, and support for new and expectant parents to enjoy the bliss of parenting. ”
The most important aspects of the program include:
– Announcing pregnancy in the workplace, understanding the manager’s dilemma, managing work performance effectively, handing over the job, managing maternity leave and transitioning back to work
– Mother and Manager guides to help you navigate through the different stages of motherhood, parenting, and getting back to work
– Dedicated counseling sessions for new parents to deal with emotional and psychological challenges that may arise
– One-to-one classes for pregnant / new mothers and their managers on how to manage work transitions
– Assigning a friend to the new mothers to keep in touch with their workplaces during the maternity leave
– Staff resource groups, a special community of new parents to get involved, share insights and experiences
– Webinars on relevant topics including how to prepare for newborn babies, childcare tasks for couples with dual careers, and much more
Tata Motors will continue to prioritize Diversity and Inclusion to harness the collective strength of its workforce and develop innovative business solutions to improve the community and contribute to the overall growth of the country.

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