Austin (WBAP / KLIF) – Texas House Bill -19 which has already been approved in the chamber, would protect commercial vehicle manufacturers from liability for accidents.

The bill sponsors say it will prevent excessive lawsuits against companies. However, road safety advocates and other opponents say the bill would make the roads in Texas more dangerous. and, according to the Texas Tribune, to deny justice to accident victims.

Author, State Representative Jeff Leach, (R / Plano), says that the invoice has a statistic that shows that in

Jeff Leach-R / Plano, Texas State Representative (

Over the past decade, Texas automobile accident lawsuits have increased 118% while the number of accidents resulting in serious injuries or death has decreased or increased only slightly.

“This law creates a legal and procedural framework that protects Texas businesses of all sizes from abuse in our judicial system and from abuse of lawsuits that threaten the very existence of many of our small businesses,” Leach said.

The bill passed House 81-49 and went to the Texas Senate.

Among the responses to the bill on the State Legislature website, some blame the accidents on the “distracted drivers” approaching commercial vehicles, others who blow the bill, saying that state lawmakers “are in clear disregard for the bill Working life show families. “

95% of all truck accidents are due to the “average” person approaching, being distracted by (fill in the blank), F-ING TELEPHONES, or other irresponsible and unnecessary things in the car that would have waited to reach can be a safer clearer and / or off the road all together
Truckers who are genuinely honest about their work just want to be left alone and get out of the way they know are bigger than everyone else, and usually slower too, and really want to get to their destination next they take care of their own families

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Texas officials didn’t clearly disregard life or working families? Imagine if your family is torn apart by someone who has no right to get behind the wheel of a truck and the company says, “Welp, sorry! Maybe you didn’t think you were safe to go outside. Tea ”

Why blind 12 Texans on a jury? Let them hear what the shipping company did wrong. Don’t give large (mostly non-state) companies a shield and Texans the short end of the stick. This bill is not a simple old crime reform – it is morally wrong.

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