A year in driving on my Peloton, one thing still sounds true and has right from the start: a Peloton is a pain in the ass, literally. Sitting on a bike is uncomfortable as it is, even when properly adjusted, but mixing Tunde Oyeneyin’s ass-kicking HIIT workout and the new Megan Thee Stallion classes and my glutes along with the rest of my muscles always seems to be sore. Ironically, that’s exactly what motivates me to hop back on the bike again and again. This is what the Peloton Society calls “the sore bum conundrum.”

But when an uncomfortable seat starts to hold you back from longer trips and it’s all pain and no gain, it may be time to invest in a seat cushion. Fortunately, there are a number of Peloton-compatible ones that help you flow through broken tailbones and sore gluten. Continue reading to shop the options and let’s get you closer to those buns of steel.