The company was founded in 2010 selling courses on Indian philosophy and ideology. As of 2017, the company dedicated itself to beauty and began developing and acquiring its Ayurvedic skin care brands.

From the portfolio of four brands, the company currently has three Ayurveda skin care brands, one of which is due to hit the market in the third quarter of this year.

The first beauty brand, iYURA, was developed in-house and focuses on traditional Ayurveda with a range of beauty oils.

On the other hand, AJARA has a more modern feel and a broader product variant. The brand was originally developed in the United States before it was acquired by the company.

Ayurvedic potential.

While the company is based in India, much of its sales come from western markets, including North America, Europe and Australia.

The US currently accounts for 65% of the business, while Europe, which only started operations in 2020, accounts for 15%. The remainder of the company’s sales account is in Australia, Canada, and India.

Founder Rishabh Chopra told CosmeticsDesign-Asia that the company’s success in Western markets shows that Ayurvedic beauty brands hold promise.

He believes this is due to the demand for natural and herbal ingredients in cosmetics, a trend that Ayurvedic beauty brands can take advantage of.

He added that the demand for Ayurvedic oils is strong, accounting for about 80% of the total business.

With a focus on health and wellness amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, Chopra expects global demand to continue to grow.

“You see a great demand for yoga, a great interest in meditation and the whole concept of holistic health and alternative techniques was very strong. Ayurveda encompasses all of these subjects, ”he said.

This demand is forcing the company to expand its portfolio to include beauty. Apart from the one brand that is to be launched shortly, work is also being carried out on the acquisition of another brand.

It also sees potential in the introduction of more natural foods and nutritional supplements – including skin care products.

Powerful ambitions.

Going forward, the company is focused on expanding its presence in the US, Europe and India.

While the company is mostly an online brand, it is also considering an offline retail expansion in the US, including a standalone experience store.

Chopra believes the company still has plenty of room to grow in the market.

“Today we have over 400,000 customers on the platform and over 350,000 of them are skin care consumers. The goal for the next five years is to increase that tenfold. This should be easy to do as we are new to Europe and India. In the US, we’ve barely scratched the surface – just a quarter of a million customers – we’re just getting started. “

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