Car accidents range from not too bad (meaning no one was seriously injured and it was someone else’s fault) to catastrophic (meaning people were seriously injured or killed and it was your fault). Still, they are never a positive experience, even if they can be a valuable learning experience.

Once the smoke is literally and figuratively gone, one of your first important decisions is choosing the right doctor for you and your particular circumstances. If you’ve been in a car accident, get help from a Florida accident attorney.

Types of Doctors Available in Florida

Your health is your main concern after a car accident. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you can consider the following:

  • An ambulance. Emergency doctors are your best bet if your injuries are severe and / or the accident happened late at night when most medical offices and emergency services are closed.
  • An ambulance. Emergency medical professionals are best when your injuries are not life threatening, but the pain or other complications make it too difficult to wait and make an appointment. You can usually enter an emergency care facility.
  • Your family doctor. Although appointments with your regular doctor can take a few days, they are likely the cheapest option, assuming it’s your fault and what your insurance coverage is.

Tips on Finding the Best Doctor for You

  • Consult a doctor immediately. Failure to comply can be interpreted by the courts as a lack of urgency or serious injury.
  • Consider a different doctor than your general practitioner. As stated above, your family doctor may not be the best option. Many GPs won’t even see victims of car accidents, but instead refer you to a specialist, and many GPs won’t accept third party billing.
  • Find a doctor who treats car accident victims and accepts third-party billing. Car accident doctors know what questions to ask and what types of injuries, such as B. soft tissue injuries, are common in car accidents.
  • Make sure to thoroughly document your injuries. Car crash doctors usually understand the importance of injury documentation but make sure that everyone Injury is documented. Some injuries that seem insignificant at first glance turn into serious medical problems.
  • Continue your treatment until you have achieved maximum medical improvement (MMI). Failure to follow your doctor’s instructions and continue treatment until you are “cured” (MMI) may be interpreted by the courts as a lack of urgency or serious injury.

Contact a Florida accident attorney at After a Car Accident

Finding medical treatment after a car accident can be painful and time consuming, but it is extremely important.

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