At a time when many people are questioning the worth of a college degree, the affordability plan removes confusion about what is real cost. It gives families a clearer understanding and removes the financial barrier for students who otherwise couldn’t afford a 4-year degree.

“This will be life-changing for many,” said President Ryan Smith. “We have the opportunity to change lives. This plan enables students to get their bachelor’s degrees if they want and inevitably bring a stronger workforce to our region.”

Rio also focuses on helping students. Given the growth Rio has seen over the past year, the university has hired a dean of student success and three student success coaches to work with each new student to ensure a smooth transition to college and provide support throughout their college career. Rio added a Learning Commons section and launched a laptop loan program to assist students with technology needs.

“We are redefining our approach to academic success.” Operations manager, Rebecca Long said, “Many in our area want to graduate, but life outside the classroom can be very overwhelming. We are developing strategies to support the whole student, not just the classroom learner.”

Long added, “This plan gets students where they are and provides a way to get them where they want to be.” These supports could include food insecurities, finding childcare, or mental health.

The University of Rio Grande, founded in 1876, is an independent four-year full university offering courses from certificates to masters. URG and Rio Grande Community College represent a unique partnership between public and private educational institutions. Through a contract between URG and RGCC, Ohio Residents in their first two years of college are eligible for tuition fees from public community colleges.

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Renee DeLawder
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SOURCE University of Rio Grande

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