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The Well Wellness Spa in Chehalis was born out of Karla Ann Nelson’s need to take care of her three children.

Now, 10 years after Nelson ran her own business in North Washington – and a little over a year since that business moved to Market Boulevard in Chehalis – Nelson’s youngest daughter is preparing to go to The Well’s front desk to work.

“Not only does it help me, it also really teaches my children valuable life lessons about how to interact and work with people,” said Nelson. “Family is important to me. I don’t get much out of it, so I really appreciate the family I have. That’s why I’m really trying to make my business very family-oriented. “

Nelson and her family live in the back of the store in a house that Nelson bought, gutted, and renovated before he officially moved in November 2019.

While state COVID-19 restrictions closed The Well from February to mid-May, Nelson said she was able to adopt all recommended health protocols and that business has been going well since it reopened.

“It was actually a blessing,” said Nelson. “At that time it was difficult that we were closed, but I was really able to dial in to what we wanted to do with our business.”

Nelson is a personal specialist in women’s wellbeing and has nearly 20 years of experience as a masseuse, nine years as a fitness and nutrition trainer and seven years as a beautician. She works primarily with prenatal and postnatal pregnant women and women going through menopause.

The fountain

The fountain is located at 381 South Market Blvd. in Chehalis.

“It’s really nice to be able to help women with more than just their muscles, massage, and what’s wrong with their skin,” said Nelson. “Especially menopausal women and pregnant women. I don’t know what it is, but these hormones really work on the skin. ”

She also offers waxing services for women and said that the demand for her Brazilian waxes is high.

Sarah Willow, who has just over 10 years of experience as a massage therapist, started working at The Well in January and specializes in targeted medical massages and cupping.

The two work in opposite directions, as Market Boulevard only has one treatment room. However, that limitation turned out to be a benefit as The Well prepared to reopen with COVID-19 hygiene protocols.

“I was very specific about how I cleaned things, and the beauty of my business is that we only allow one customer at a time,” said Nelson.

The cleaning time between appointments has been increased from 10 minutes to 20 minutes to give Nelson and Willow time to thoroughly clean up the room. While this reduced the number of customers that could fit in a day, Nelson said that it also posed a limit that would be a blessing.

“It was really very good because I try very hard to give my clients this personal attention and really know what their needs are … so that I can really look at a person and their wellbeing.”

Willow will be moving from part-time to full-time later this year, and Nelson said she intends to hire a third therapist by June.

The fountain

The interior of the well in Chehalis can be seen on Friday afternoon.

“It’s the first time I’ve had an employee,” she said. “I really want to build a company where I have people who are valued, who earn good wages, who get the benefits, and that’s where I am.” I try to keep up with my business so therapists come in knowing that even in a small town they can make good wages and will take care of them. I didn’t have that when I started. ”

To learn more about services and to make an appointment, visit The Well’s website at or call 425-202-5210.

“If you can’t find anything online, it’s always good to call – especially to grow as I often sneak in when I’m working between my massage clients,” said Nelson.

The official business hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

More information about the fountain

Owner: Karla ann Nelson

Place: 381 South Market Boulevard, Chehalis

Phone: 425-202-5210


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