(Ed .: Disclaimer: The following press release comes to you under an agreement with Business Wire India. PTI assumes no editorial responsibility for it.) These sessions of some renowned Indian life coaches, counselors and healers were a hit with youth home makers and before all working people. New Delhi, Delhi, India – Business Wire India The Holistic Living® community wellness platform, with its reputation for providing access to life changing wellness coaching and events, has free online sessions with top life coaches , Counselors, therapists and others hosted healers in India on the eve of and on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021. The events were held in the spirit of celebrating femininity. The short program of group life coaching with a special focus on women was completed on International Women’s Day, ie March 8th. A unique campaign “WISDOM & WEALTH of WELLNESS for WOMEN” was organized, which was not only aimed at DIY enthusiasts and working women in the country, but also at young people, students, professionals, the elderly and everyone who was interested in the importance of the Natural deal with wellness. The Holistic Living® honors women around the world as primary caregivers of children and elders in all parts of the country and the world, and acknowledges that women take the lead when it comes to helping families respond to new realities and challenges cease when the economy and the political organization of a social change. Sanjeev Mittal, founder and managing partner of The Holistic Living®, firmly believes that everyone, including women, has the right to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. Today women play more than one role in life: professional roles, family roles, community roles, and personal roles. It can sometimes be difficult to manage multiple priorities at the same time. Finding the right balance between responsibilities is a life skill that women, including everyone else in society, must actively cultivate. Sanjeev says, “Holistic living is both our passion and our mission to empower more and more people, especially women, to lead their own lives in seven key elements of life – mind, body, soul, family and relationship, work, money and social lifestyle “He further quotes Diane Mariechild’s famous lines:” A woman closes the circle, in her lies the power to create, care for and transform something. “” Every woman is a super woman, the secret to unlock that super woman in you lies in the ancient wisdom. We should have a session with us to experience the inexperienced, “said Sandeep Nath, a mindfulness coach while supporting Sanjeev Mittal’s views. As they shared their views on the program, the life coaches sounded enthusiastic and revealed some interesting” perspectives ” Mahesh Sharma, an EFT practitioner, mentioned that the Technique of Emotional Freedom – Tapping is an amazingly effective method for not only dealing with unsolved problems with negative emotions, but also sincere loving and acceptance. While Dr. Rupali Shah (doctor and Dietitian) answered the most asked questions of the modern lifestyle: “How can you lose weight naturally?” During one of the interesting sessions, “Weight loss instead of taste”, she informed: “Fitness does not mean punishing your body. Eat what you want without losing your taste with sustainable weight management. ”On the flip side, Monica Madnani (celebrity psychiatric card reader and spiritual healer) showed off her Crystal Ball Gazing expertise to answer some of the tricky questions posed by attendees Leena Paranjpe, Millennial Marriage Coach, said of relationships, “Sometimes love is not enough to make relationships work. There are secrets to how you can strengthen your relationship and thrive emotionally in your marriage.” As for relationship issues, particularly the “3 Secrets of a Happy Marriage” section, the program focused on pre- and post-marital issues and was extremely popular with the platform’s enrolled members. The session will be long, according to the organizers the participants full of enthusiasm and intrigue as they find a solution to their problems experienced. Nisha Bhalla (celebrity tarot card reader and Vaastu expert) had her audience in keen attention. She stated, “We can always learn to remove blockages, invite prosperity, call on angels and seek abundance in life through simple means.” The benefits of attending this event were not only the zero entry fee, but also free access to a wealth of wellness wisdom, solutions, and answers to problems that you may or may not have recognized. “लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनोभवन्तु (lokahsamastahsukhinobhavantu), which means:” May everyone in the world be healthy, happy, free and peaceful “, is the core philosophy that continues to inspire me and make a positive contribution to people’s lives” said Sanjeev Mittal when asked about his commitment to hosting such unique events on a regular basis. One of the organizers, Abhinaya, a business partner at The Holistic Living, stated, “It’s an exemplary way of working at The Holistic Living. Our work itself brings us one step closer to zen and enlightenment. Abhinaya’s colleague Vidushi Vyas added that there was a sense of pride in spreading wellness wisdom around the world, including the millions of people in India. The organizers offered free tickets to those interested via their official social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. These sessions were hosted on Zoom, a free pass that can be accessed for online access to WhatsApp at + 91-9321447981. It’s important to mention that The Holistic Living® is a one-stop, one-stop community wellness platform to promote 360 ​​° wellness and help people live the life of their dreams. The platform not only enables people to find a perfect coach, but also provides access to life-changing wellness events and webinars. Life coaches, healers, counselors and therapists at The Holistic Living® lead individuals on their wellness journey and encourage them to unlock their unique potential in all seven key elements of life. 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