Listen, sometimes a black cold brew doesn’t cut it. If you want a sweet Starbucks drink or are thirsty to try one of the brand’s new sugary offerings without giving up the extra calories, let us introduce you to your next follow-up on TikTok. Alex Moe, who walks past @themacrobarista on TikTok and Instagram, is loved by low-calorie coffee enthusiasts for his videos about ordering your favorite Starbucks drinks for far fewer calories.

The former Starbucks barista, who now runs his own cold brew brand, KNINE Coffee & Strength, often edits the original drinks, which usually have over 200 to 300 calories, into less than 100 for the same delicious flavors. Just ask his followers – his comment section is flooded with satisfied coffee drinkers claiming that the macro-fied drinks taste just as good. As if his recipes weren’t helpful enough, Alex also filmed himself ordering the low-calorie versions on his Starbucks review. An added bonus for those who get a little overwhelmed by placing custom drink orders in the coffee franchise!

Thanks to Macro Barista, you can enjoy healthier alternatives to popular Starbucks drinks like Pistachio Latte and the new Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso. Check out some of his best recipes going forward, and head over to his website for more.