As part of the announcement of Holistic Spa Month in July 2021, The Nautilus unveiled its brand new range of holistic spa treatments that offer beautifully considered adventure travel inspired by Chinese philosophies on Tibetan regeneration beliefs.

With the world changing so dramatically of late, and with Google looking for the term “immunity” hitting a five-year high (according to The Nautilus), personal wellbeing is now more than ever at the forefront of all priorities. From immunity boosters to anti-anxiety treatments, The Nautilus has taken steps to meet the needs of the world right now.

The new holistic range of spa treatments is the latest initiative from The Nautilus, building on the already established Solasta Spa above the island. With six new curated adventure tours, The Nautilus invites guests to experience treatments deeply rooted in Taoist principles and embrace physical meditative sensations.

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The Nautilus has selected the month of July 2021 to celebrate this brand new addition to its already impressive range of wellness programs and daily rituals with the following free inclusive services for guests staying at the Nautilus in July 2021:

  • Daily yoga and mindfulness sessions
  • A personalized “Holistic Wellbeing Session”, in which the general health of the guests and their current feelings for body, mind and soul are discussed. If you offer your guests a holistic lifestyle, you can optimize their personal well-being
  • A treatment that was selected together with the holistic spa therapist and tailored to the needs of the guests from the holistic spa menu
  • A healthy cooking class with Chef Nalaka featuring dishes based on Asian superfoods and ingredients selected for their immunity boosting properties
  • Daily immune-boosting drink according to the needs of the guests

There will also be a health-oriented menu designed by the island’s head chef, Andrea Franceschi, which will be available for a fee throughout July.

The Nautilus’ Solasta Spa allows guests to immerse themselves in the island’s energy. With four overwater treatment pavilions with glass floors and an overwater yoga pavilion, the Solasta Spa supports you in creating wonderful, holistic spa and wellness trips from 30 minutes to four hours or at the guest’s choice. There are no clocks for opening and closing times in the Nautilus. Guests have the freedom to experience the Solasta Spa at any time and as they wish. The Solasta Spa is a haven for exercise, mindfulness, emotional well-being and relaxation.

Extract from the brand new holistic selection of spa treatments:

Full moon crystal singing bowl

The unique full moon singing bowl experience uses the spiritual energy released during the full moon cycle and is a catalyst for helping guests experience more peace and clarity.

Tibetan singing bowl

The Tibetan singing bowl experience stimulates immense stress relief and promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. She practices the ancient forms of Tibetan sound regeneration and promotes peace on both sides of the brain.


With the holistic therapist of the Nautilus acting as a channel for transmitting natural healing vibrations to the body, Reiki is the Japanese technique that focuses on reducing stress and removing emotional blockages.


Vinyasa Yoga maintains the smooth flow of movement through each asana pose and naturally increases the heart rate so that you feel both relaxed and energized.

Astanga Primary Series

With the help of Nautilus therapists, practicing Astanga will rejuvenate and tone your body, increase flexibility, control your inner thoughts, and improve endurance and endurance by exercising your core muscles.

Yin yoga

Yin Yoga adopts a more meditative style of movement and allows you to create physical sensations and turn inward to focus on the soul. Yin poses help the connective tissue, increase flexibility and increase well-being.

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