From relieving joint pain to treating stress, there are many reasons to see a chiropractor.

Bone cracking is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of seeing a chiropractor, but Andrew Bang, senior chiropractor at the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Center, says it’s a little more complex.

“If you’ve looked them all up on the internet, there are a million chiropractic videos. Some of them are true because you feel a click or pop when you manipulate them or make adjustments. This is the term we love to use in our profession.” Bang explained.

“What you don’t see there is the in-depth exam where we check your nervous system to make sure you don’t have bad or irritated nerves.”

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to relieve discomfort and allow your body to heal itself. It can also be used to correct grout color and improve posture.

“We are all athletes. It just depends what our sport is. I joked with you that you were a desk jockey. Your body wants to adjust to the stress that is put on it. Your hamstrings are tighter than normal. Your back is tighter than normal because you sit so much, “said Bang.

His philosophy – movement is lotion. He encourages patients to move as much as possible.

“The reason stretching is so effective is because muscles move your bones. Bones don’t move on their own,” said Bang.

So we immediately started using some of the tracks that I have to admit were uncomfortable at first. Bang said that was normal.

“I tell all of my patients that you may be in pain, but you will feel a difference because it will not be the same pain that you have been through in the past few days.”

Wow. After that I felt like a new man! The pain went away. My favorite part of the appointment was the massage. And while it was comforting, I learned that it was also necessary to relax the muscles.

Bang recommends stretching for a few minutes each day, and recommends always doing some stretching after a workout or while reading an email. One easy stretch that anyone can do is from your chair. Just cross one leg over the other and lean forward. You should feel the stretch in your hamstrings.

“If we can relax your hamstrings, we can take the strain off your lower back,” said Bang.

We are there together!

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The best way to go from being an athlete to being an active adult.

– Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic) January 2, 2021