FARGO, ND (KVRR) – A holistic medical approach at Sanford Health offers patients the opportunity to heal through energy therapy.

For some patients at Southpointe Clinic in Sanford, Fargo, recovery does not begin with machines or prescriptions.

It just starts with a pair of healing hands.

“I started with Healing Touch when I got to the point where I needed radiation. That was very scary for me, ”said Cindy Jordet.

Jordet was diagnosed with cancer in September.

She found the comfort she needed when she began her exposure to this form of energy therapy.

Weekly sessions of Healing Touch have helped her manage the side effects of radiation such as indigestion, extreme thirst, and anxiety.

“I just feel so much better,” she said with a smile. “Everything works better, my whole body works better, my mood works better.”

“When I see the results as a nurse and the results people are getting from Healing Touch, I just get excited,” said Karen Pausch, the only certified Healing Touch practitioner at Sanford Health.

The nationally recognized program uses a light or body touch to help the human body heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

“We have seven major energy centers, or chakras,” he said. “Each of these chakras rotates and forms a layer of our energy field. We hold things in this field. We want to create wellness and healing by balancing and clearing the energy fields. “

“I just feel like my whole body is working a lot better in every way,” added Jordet.

Healing Touch helps to remove energy blockages and balance the flow of energy from body, mind and soul.

The integrative medicine department in Sanford opened last year.

More information can be found here.

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