Tiger Woods was so confused after his car accident in February that he believed he was in Florida when he was interviewed at the hospital. This is according to a report released by the Los Angeles County’s Sheriff’s Department and received by USA Today.

Details of the Woods crash in California were broken down in the collision report. The SUV’s black box found that Woods was driving in a straight line and no steering input was detected until late in the crash. He was traveling between 84 and 87 mph, and it was also noted that he was not trying to put his foot on the brake.

Earlier this week, the sheriff’s department stated that excessive speed was the cause of the accident.

“I should have [Woods] He applied his brakes to slow down or steered to correct the direction of travel. It would not have collided with the mean mean and the collision would not have occurred, “a department sergeant wrote in the report

The report also states that an empty pharmaceutical bottle with no label was found in a backpack inside the SUV. Also, Wood’s blood pressure at the scene was “too low to give any kind of pain medication”. A sheriff’s captain said the low blood pressure was “compatible with shock from collision and injuries (Woods).” He added that Woods was “a bit combative” on site.

The accident left Woods with serious leg injuries and it is unclear when he could return to the links. The 45-year-old is fine, according to updates on his Twitter account, but has not spoken publicly since the wreck.