TORONTO, August 7, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Toronto Chiropractor, Castlefield Chiropractic’s new Web site, features a variety of important and useful information for patients, including an appointment scheduling tool, a list of services offered, and new patient forms. The goal of Castlefield Chiropractic’s new website is to make the care of both new and existing patients smooth and easy, while raising public awareness of general health issues.

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New and existing patients can easily schedule their appointment at Castlefield Chiropractic Toronto Website instead of calling the office. Online appointment scheduling for new patients also includes several forms that can be viewed and filled out before an appointment is even scheduled.

By filling out these forms before entering the office, patients can spend less time in the waiting room, appointments become smooth and enjoyable, and the doctor and staff receive important information about the patient’s general health.

Outlined maintenance options

While the practice of seeing a chiropractor is growing in popularity, many people are still unaware of the full range of services a chiropractic practice can offer. The Castlefield Chiropractic website has a comprehensive list of services and detailed descriptions, including the care of:

Spine Correction: One of the most common chiropractic procedures for correcting spine alignment

Minimizing Toxins: This focuses on improving lifestyle habits

Oxygen and Exercise: An exercise therapy program to improve energy and mobility

Toronto Nutrition: Also offers free nutrition assessment and evaluation for new patients

Patients can know what to expect

The first visit to the doctor can be intimidating – especially if patients don’t know what to expect. Castlefield Chiropractic Toronto’s website helps manage anxiety by providing a variety of information, including pricing information, to their patients. The new patient forms also describe the possible procedures a new patient can go through on their first visit to ensure that patients are not surprised or confused during their appointment.

Simple and accessible

The new Castlefield Chiropractic website offers convenient and user-friendly navigation and has been designed with accessibility in mind. The visually impaired or visually impaired users can also surf the web with ease using the visual accessibility feature that features magnification, legible font, inversion and more!

An overdue upgrade

As online planning and marketing have become one of the most common ways to reach the general public, many health professionals, especially in independent practices, have worked to make their offices more convenient and accessible by creating online platforms.

DR. Brian Fitzgerald has been a practicing chiropractor since 2001 and has a lifelong interest in exercise and injury recovery. Dr. Fitzgerald, who is passionate about healing his community through chiropractic, hopes the new website will make this easier Toronto Residents to learn more about his practice and events held.

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