ROCK HILL, SC (CN2 NEWS) Searching for Two Good Samaritans. A week ago today, an 82-year-old Rock Hill woman was involved in a car accident at the intersection of Ebenezer and Herlong.

Although there were no serious injuries, she was taken to the hospital for treatment. Two women, whom the family says are nurses on recess, came to the scene of the accident and stayed with the 82-year-old.

On her way home from the bank, this 82-year-old woman was hit by a car that passed through this intersection. With help along the way, two nurses came to her rescue and comforted her through this frightening experience.

Verna Lee Rodgers, 82, says, “About a second, maybe two seconds earlier, I could see an oncoming car hit me. And I just got through it … It just went very quickly. “

Verna’s daughter, who lived in York, couldn’t get on the scene straight away. Just knowing two strangers on their lunch break who were ready to keep making a difference meant a lot.

Rodgers daughter Cheryl Reynolds says, “To have these two nurses here to love and encourage her, and to offer her help, and you know, just take care of her pain as best you can, judge it. Really meant a lot. “

The 82-year-old remembered her own education when she wanted to become a nurse herself and was overwhelmed by her kindness.

“The two girls were just… they had a nurse’s heart. I mean, they were just setting the example, I was so proud of them, but I was really pleased that they were really ready to take care of me too. And it probably took half an hour to get all the reports in and the officers were just wonderful and the rescue workers … We have a good thing ahead of us and Rock Hill, I tell you … “Rodgers says.

In the video above, reports Rachel Richardson of CN2, the woman and her family are looking for these two good Samaritans to say thank you very much.