The toddler was hit by a speeding car while crossing a service lane in Sharjah.

For three-year-old Mohammed Rayhaan Shaik on Thursday evening (June 10), it would have been a usual fun start to a weekend as he crossed a service lane to be with his uncle across the street in their Sharjah neighborhood.

Unfortunately, a terrible fate has left Rayhaan bedridden in a hospital for the past three weeks. The toddler was hit by a car that was moving too fast, which resulted in multiple injuries to the body, including the brain, Rayhaan’s father Riyaz Shaik told the Khaleej Times.

“He was taken to a nearby hospital by his mother and uncle, who were only a few meters away from him. We didn’t expect the vehicle to go by at such high speed. Rayhaan lay unconscious in her arms for a few minutes. Fortunately, the family got to Zulekha Hospital just in time for the doctors to bring him back to life, ”he added.

According to a preliminary medical report from the hospital, a copy of which was viewed by the Khaleej Times, Rayhaan suffered an unspecified concussion injury with unconsciousness of unspecified duration. He suffered post-traumatic seizures and an undisplaced fracture in his arm. The Khaleej Times also reached out to Sharjah Police, who said the driver of the car surrendered and the case was referred to Police in the Traffic Court.

Rayhaan struggled for his life for the next five days while on ventilation support. “There wasn’t a word about how long it will take for him to recover. He had two operations, ”said Rayhaan’s father. Fortunately, medical care and attention ensured that Mohammed eventually opened his eyes and trusted his parents and the medical team. Two weeks after the accident, Mohammed is now in a normal ward, but is still far from perfect and his parents are unsure whether he will recognize them or not.

“When he first opened his eyes, he was emotionless. He didn’t cry or smile, just lay there staring first at the ceiling and then at us. He didn’t seem to recognize us, didn’t ask for a comforting hug or a kiss. A few days later he was crying when he was stung when a nurse gave him an injection. It was a pain to see him, but it was a consolation that his body was reacting to external stimuli, ”said a desperate Shaik.

“I want to provide the best medical treatment and care to ensure a speedy recovery. However, it also comes with financial constraints, ”he added.

“Mohammed sustained injuries all over his body and had two operations. We don’t know how long it will take for him to fully recover. Doctors suggest that the pace of recovery depends on how the brain reacts and develops, ”says Riyak.

For a three year old who had just started talking to his family and friends and expressing his wishes and desires, this accident could turn back the clock in his development, growth, physical, mental and emotional development.

“Mohammed is our only son and we feel so unable to help him. The hospital bills are rising, but I’d rather leave him there for good medical care. I am the only deserving member of the family and I have borrowed at least Dh50,000 from friends and family, but I will not give up. The bills have risen to over Dh90,000. Doctors advise me to take Mohammed home with me, but I am not convinced. I hope we can find a way out for Mohammed and see him again full of life and energy. It is heartbreaking to see him lying on the hospital bed with multiple tubes penetrating his body to aid his recovery, ”said the father.

Suneeti Ahuja Kohli

Suneeti Ahuja-Kohli has been in Dubai long enough to call it her spiritual home. She loves to travel but plans to settle in Koi Samui, Thailand to spend her sunset years by the sea. Right now she writes a lot on personal finance, retirement planning, business news and features, health, and just about anything her editor has assigned. Her stays can be followed on Instagram (suneetiahujakohli), messages and views on Twitter @suneetiahuja, and there is a Facebook account for the rest.