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Udupi, March 3rd: Trinity Central School Perampalli is in the heart of nature and away from the city’s disagreements. She was on a journey that served as inspiration for everyone. In its 12th year, the school has grown in strength from its humble beginnings in 2009.

Under the direction of the Capuchin Friars Minor Society and affiliated to the ICSE board in New Delhi, the school lives under the motto “Enlightenment through knowledge”. Trinity Central School has earned meritorious accolades in not only its education but also its other curriculum activities.

Academic environment

After a journey with an initial strength of only 47 students, the school is now proud to have reached the strength of 1,000 banks in the current school year. ‘Ohana means family’. The Trinity family is a melting pot of Indian diversity. regardless of caste, creed or religion. Students feel at home under the watchful, kind eyes of the headmaster, the maternal warmth of the teachers, and the care of the non-teaching staff. The huge, blooming green campus conveys an inspiring, holistic and warm feeling of being in school like a quiet morning meditation.


With a student-to-teacher ratio of 35: 1, each child receives personal, undivided attention to discover their potential and strengths. Remedial courses are run for students who need more guidance and practice. Red learning is not encouraged as it encourages students to think outside the box and put their creative potential into practice.

The innate strength of a school is reinforced by the exemplary academic performance of its students. The school has the privileged distinction of having achieved 100% of the results on the ICSE board exams for six consecutive years.

Fees: Trinity Central School offers an appropriate and fair fee structure.

Value formation: Pope Francis said thoughtfully, “We must provide an education that teaches critical thinking and encourages the development of mature moral values.” Regular weekly value education courses are run for all students.


Teaching staff: The school’s teachers are qualified and have in-depth specialist knowledge. All teachers who are dedicated to their calling, talented and equally competent, have many years of educational experience.
Consultant: Sometimes knowing or understanding the emotional needs of students is a Herculean task. As her agonizing aunt, the school counselor dedicates her expertise as she listens, understands and advises students on how to overcome their personal adversities.
Non-teaching and auxiliary staff: The school’s non-teaching / support staff attend to student needs and work tirelessly to keep the campus clean and presentable at all times.


Classroom: All classrooms are airy, spacious and well ventilated. and equipped with smartboards for e-learning purposes.
Laboratories: The school has well-equipped science laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment. All computers in the computer lab are installed with the latest software, which is updated regularly.
Library: With over 1,000 books ranging from encyclopedias to reference works, fiction and non-fiction books to autobiographies, the school library is a powerhouse of knowledge for the voracious reader.
Sports: The school has a large playground, including a basketball and badminton court, and is the venue for all major sports and school events. The small children spend their fun time in the colorful Assisi Kids Play Park. For the holistic development of their physical, mental and emotional well-being, all students are asked to practice silent meditation before the start of the school day.
Auditoriums: School assemblies, seminars, competitions, parties and other events take place in the trinitorium (indoor stadium) and in the auditorium on the roof.


Learning is more than just paper, pencil and books. The school invests in developing the personality and talents of students by conducting various extracurricular activities that will aid them in developing their mental, cognitive and physical endurance skills. Students are offered activities such as abacus, karate, swimming, art, taekwondo, skating, drama, western and classical music, western and classical dance, keyboard and guitar, robotics, etc.

Other bodies

Transport: The school offers a safe and comfortable journey for students and employees in its fleet of 16 school buses, which are driven by experienced drivers.
Having lunch: The students and staff are served warm, nutritious vegetarian meals that are prepared in the school kitchen itself in compliance with safe hygiene protocols.

For the past 12 years, Trinity Central School has worked tirelessly to successfully embody the values ​​on which it is founded. Academically or otherwise, the school is entirely dedicated to developing the personality of its students through knowledge, work and play.

Trinity Central School is proudly advancing with commitment and confidence and warmly opens its doors to everyone who would like to come and experience “a whole new world”.

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