A chiropractic webinar will help you establish yourself as a healthcare professional while attracting new customers

Some of the most common forms of digital marketing include using social media, setting up email campaigns, and writing blog posts to increase your website’s search engine rank. Another option to add to this list – that can help you increase the number of chiropractic patients – is a chiropractic webinar.

Webinars are regularly used in education so that professionals can get training on a specific topic without having to appear in person or while traveling. You can also use them to attract new patients as this particular method of marketing has several advantages.

Benefits of a chiropractic webinar

One of the main advantages of a webinar is that it provides a platform for delivering important health-related information to potential patients. This will help you establish yourself as a healthcare professional. By providing value, it also positions you as a doctor who really cares about your patients.

This makes you and your practice more attractive from the consumer’s point of view. You can also “sell” your services and products more indirectly. During your chiropractic webinar, you can provide information that addresses the sales-related objections you face most frequently. This makes doing business with you a more natural choice.

Another benefit of using webinars is that it gives your audience a chance to get to know you better. The three keys to marketing success are that your audience likes, knows, and trusts you, and webinars are a great way to do this. Viewers can see how you interact with others and give them a better idea of ​​how you will interact with them.

If you have limited office space, you can also target a larger audience with an online webinar than holding a face-to-face briefing. It also provides access to more online technologies that can make your webinar more attractive.

Choose your webinar topic

If you want to use webinars to attract new patients, choosing the right topic is crucial. This largely depends on the types of patients you are trying to attract.

For example, if you want to build your base of athletic patients, good webinar topics might include stretches or exercises that can help prevent some of the most common sports injuries, or what supplements can meet an active person’s advanced nutritional needs.

If your target audience is families, you can develop a webinar that shares the benefits of chiropractic care at all stages of life – from birth to old age. Another option would be to discuss some ideas on how families can become more physically active together to improve the health and wellbeing of each member.

Tips for Promoting Your Chiropractic Webinar

Once you’ve decided what topic to cover your chiropractic webinar, the next step is to promote it. This is where some of your other digital marketing efforts come in. Post notifications on your social media pages and email your current patients. Encourage them to pass this on to anyone they know who may be interested.

You can also reach a larger audience by sharing your webinar with other local health care providers. Ask them to let their online followers know or ask them to post a flyer in their office. This gives you access to people with whom you are not currently interacting in person or online.

Get people to sign up

The next step is to find ways to get potential patients to sign up for your webinar. Not only can this lead them to focus on an issue that is important to them, but it can also provide incentives and increase their willingness to participate.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Promising special offer to the participants who should be delivered at the end of the webinar, e.g. B. a reduced first visit rate or a discount on products discussed during the briefing session.
  • A well-known guest appears in your webinar, who would convince your target audience. This can be an expert on the topic you want to discuss or an influencer in that topic that a large number of social media follow.
  • Providing some kind of gift for participation. This doesn’t have to be an expensive item either. Write a small information brochure on the topic and offer it to the participants. Add points that you won’t talk about during the webinar and give them even more reason to want this gift.

The importance of follow-up after the webinar

After holding your seminar, don’t forget to contact all participants. Let them know you are there to answer any questions while also encouraging them to make an appointment.

It is often said that it takes seven taps to get a potential consumer to buy. Following up on a topic that interests your target audience is one way to reach that amount. Even if they don’t schedule an appointment right away, staying in touch increases the chances of them getting down the street. It also keeps you at the top of their mind and makes you natural choices when they are ready to take action.

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