In an increasingly competitive marketplace, employers are constantly looking for well-rounded people who can contribute to and build their business. To help students stand out from the crowd, Tunku Abdul Rahman University (UTAR) offers a variety of activities and programs to help their students learn and develop soft skills.

According to the Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations, Prof. Dr. Choong Chee Keong, UTAR offers its students holistic development with its wide range of activities. Participation in these activities is voluntary, so it is up to the students which and how many activities they want to participate in.

To foster the love of lifelong learning in UTAR students, students can opt for a variety of clubs including such clubs as the Traditional Chinese Medicine Society, Religious Clubs, Engineering Club, Food Science Club and Agricultural Club, and more. These activities provide a platform for older and younger students to meet and study together in a fun environment.

UTAR students who participate in these activities will receive a Soft Skill Development Certificate to record their performance. To ensure students get what they need to study, campus-approved activities follow the 10 components in line with the World Economic Forum.

The 10 components cover the areas of communication, complex problem solving, critical thinking, leadership skills and more. UTAR has added new components such as developing emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and teamwork to prepare graduates for the work environment.

The New Village Community Project for students

In an interview with Prof. Choong, he said that many employers praised UTAR students for being sensitive to the needs of other cultures. It is this quality and attitude that makes them very cheap to be hired internationally.

One of the very popular activities on campus is the New Village Community Project, which helps develop students’ ability to empathize with other people and cultures in order to bring about social change and be important members of society. With the New Village Community Project, students can develop their soft skills with activities that also correspond to the sustainable goals of the United Nations.

As part of the New Village project, UTAR students and faculty members can visit 630 villages across Malaysia to help local communities. You are encouraged to interact with the locals to find out the issues in the community, make a report, and find ways to help the villagers.

In some projects, the students from UTAR gave lessons to school children M40 and B40, carried out projects to beautify the village, organized motivation camps for schools and carried out campaigns on school safety.

Upcoming project: UTAR Hospital in Kampar

UTAR passionately supports its students in growing holistically. The upcoming project in Kampar will benefit both the community and the students. The UTAR hospital in Kampar is expected to open in August or September 2022. It will serve the public in the area and also serve as a teaching hospital for medical students.

The UTAR hospital will have 350 beds; 100 beds are reserved for patients with traditional complementary medicine (including Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine), while the remaining 250 beds are reserved for the rest of the patients with Western medicine. In the future phase there may be an additional 250 beds or more.

The project will include facilities such as outpatient and inpatient treatment, diagnostics and treatment, medical and non-medical support, research and training, and staff, student and administrative centers.

Donations are welcome

To help develop the hospital to provide much-needed community medical services and clinical education to students, the university is running a fundraiser.

Donations can be made online HERE. Donations can also be made by check in the mail to the UTAR EDUCATION FOUNDATION at the following address:


Level 10, KB block

NORTH Long River Campus

Jalan Sungai Long, Bandar Sungai Long

43000 Kajang, Selangor

Tel .: + 603-9086 0288 ext .: 888

Email: (Mr. Lim Swea Jen)

For online transfers, please follow the details below:


Account number: 3171115615

Bank name: Berhad Public Bank

Find out more about the donation details and the UTAR hospital in Kampar here

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