There is no new information yet on the identity of the people involved or the cause of a major two-car accident that killed one person and took two more to hospital. The accident was severe enough to temporarily bring traffic to a standstill on the busy motorway.

According to police, the accident occurred around 10:00 p.m. on Friday on Route 12 South near Court Street Ramp. Officials say an operator was in “serious condition” on arrival and despite several life-saving interventions by Utica fire officers and Kunkel ambulance staff, the person was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The other two people involved were hospitalized and no current information is available on their condition. Utica Police say that following the accident, part of State Route 12 South was temporarily closed from Oriskany Street to Court Street to allow the Utica Police casualty recovery team to conduct their part of the investigation.

More information, including the identity of the deceased operator, should be released today and the investigation is ongoing. The police wanted to reveal the victim’s name on Sunday afternoon, but they did not. The police indicated that the authorities must inform the next of kin before any further information is released.

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