The need for a healthy life has gained significant momentum due to the ongoing pandemic, with diet being the focus. Consumers around the world have moved from a “nice to have” to a “must have” mentality for a preventive wellness approach.

In addition, there is a strong belief that smart health care with nutritional supplements offers significant economic value. For example, the US saved nearly $ 12 billion through targeted use of dietary supplements. The pursuit of holistic health along with a strong and resilient immune system has emerged as one of the major trends of the current global health crisis. With the fundamentally changed concept of holistic well-being, self-care has become a new must.

Therefore, this panel discussion would focus on how smart health care gains importance when nutrition and immunity are at the fore, the growing preference for nutritional solutions in the herbal space, emerging consumption trends with an emphasis on nutrition, and nutritional balance may be key factors in building a strong immune system.

Important discussion points:

  • Analysis of the growing need for nutrition and wellness
  • Growing importance of intelligent health care through nutritional supplements
  • Increasing need for immunity around the clock to ensure sustainable well-being
  • Increasing propensity for herbal supplements, especially among the younger population
  • Focus on expedited, affordable, traditional herbal nutrition solutions

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  • Dr. K Madan Gopal

  • DR. Girdhar Gyani

  • Kanupriya Khanna
    Kanupriya Khanna

  • Kanishk Gaur (moderator)
    Kanishk Gaur (moderator)

  • Mr. Ajay Khanna
    Mr. Ajay Khanna

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