We know Brie Larson is strong – remember the time she pushed a 5,000 pound car up a hill ?! – but she keeps finding new ways to inspire with her Captain Marvel strength. Take yesterday, for example, when we agreed on Larson’s basic strength training with trainer Jason Walsh. There we were, enjoying Walsh’s tips and Larson’s related commentary (including the classic “wait, are we still warming up ?!”) when Walsh suddenly challenged her to a pull-up team at the end. Of course, she could not say no.

Larson held the pull-up for an entire minute (it starts at 6:48!), And just typing it causes my shoulders to hurt. But while it’s the eye-catching climax of training, we might love the rest of it even more. With movements such as one-legged hip thrusts, side planks and variations on the Superman team, Larson’s training focused on mindful movement, identifying and correcting imbalances, and creating basic strength. You need all this in place before you can move on to the jaw-dropping kind of stunts Larson did to train for. Captain Marvel.

“We actually started with all these really basic, easy movements before we got to that point,” Walsh explained. “That’s one of the reasons we built so much resilience and you could not get hurt.” We say it again: build the basics before moving on to the cool moves and you will not regret it.