He lived about half an hour away from work so he definitely had experience driving in snow. He just loaded 50-pound sandbags on the back of his old two-wheel drive Trailblazer to weigh down the back of the vehicle, he said.

Zentmeyer returned home in April 2020 and began making plans for his own chiropractic clinic. The first step was to find a detached building in a good location.

The gray building with the burgundy awning on the corner of Virginia Avenue and King’s Mountain Road where Bayberry Cottage had been looked perfect.

Renovations are currently underway to transform the once open space into two adaptation rooms, a room for a massage therapist and a room for examinations and x-rays.

The X-ray machine is due to arrive on April 19, and other machines he has ordered include setting tables.

He also plans to get a massage therapist, he said, and Rená Watkins will be a chiropractic assistant.

While renovations are going on inside the building, Zentmeyer has been doing the rounds outside and promoting his new practice, he said. As soon as the pandemic restrictions are lifted and things return to normal, he wants to get involved in a Rotary club, as well as a sports or sports club.

What interested him in chiropractic was “how holistic it is, how the body can heal itself and all that. It’s a different approach to how to get rid of pain and how to get rid of problems. “