What would you feel if one day you were casually driving, patiently waiting while you were stuck at a long red light, and then, for reasons you don’t care, a massive semi-trailer bumped into you?

This is exactly what these people felt in Mexico City and believe me, they did not have a good time.

As Lopez-Doriga Digital reports, the incident was definitely documented from multiple angles, but we’ve picked the best ones for you, like the one embedded below.

As you can see, the white Volvo trailer is ramming through unsuspecting cars from behind, as if repairs weren’t the driver’s business. In fact, the pink taxi was rammed so hard that it spun while its driver tried unsuccessfully to maneuver out of the way.

Apparently this saddle had a dispute with another taxi driver in Mexico Puebla at the entrance to Mexico City. The driver and his companion attacked the driver and his taxi, then tried to escape from the crime scene.

At a red light, however, the saddle ran into a traffic jam, which of course endangered the escape action.

But the driver was persistent and as you can see in the video above (taken from a different angle) he even crashed into an unsuspecting orange vehicle which then crashed into a tree.

Passers-by were vigilant and tried to get the dangerous semi-crew to stop and get out of their vehicle. The attempt was initially unsuccessful, but it looks like the police caught up with the fleeing semi-trailer, causing the driver and his companion to stop and surrender. See embedded video below.

It was certainly a crazy day out and about and we can only imagine the horror of those involved.

A little tip for the semi-crew, the next time you try to escape a scene, please don’t do so while driving a huge trailer. It’s just stupid.