DES MOINES, Iowa (KTIV) – Kim Reynolds, governor of Iowa, wouldn’t say she would sign laws that would allow citizens to buy and carry handguns without permission.

The legislation passed in the Iowa House and Senate pending signature or veto. She said her office hasn’t received it yet, but they will do a thorough assessment once they get it.

Under the bill, a person who purchases a gun from a federally licensed dealer would still have to pass a state background check or provide a permit to carry it. But a resident would no longer need a permit before buying weapons between private individuals.

“I was pretty sure that when we talk about gun violence, we have to take a holistic approach. There is no single answer. We have to obey the laws that are in the books. We have to make sure of that.” There is coordination between the agencies. We must do everything we can to be proactive in everything and only address mental health and behavioral health issues, “Reynolds said.

The governor said she was proud of the efforts they have made to address mental health in the state. But she admitted that there is still much to be done.

She was asked how she felt about the state’s current arms policy.

“Well I think, and like I have said in most of the comments, and I went back to review, I said I thought the guidelines were good, but I will keep looking at new laws that’s presented and I think that’s the appropriate approach, “Reynolds said.

In 2010, Reynolds – then a Senator – voted for the current approval system.

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