West Bengal Authorities Will Quickly Begin Free Ambulance Service For Highway Accident Victims: Official


This service works mainly on the GPS system: Official (representative)


To save the lives of traffic accident victims by getting them to nearby hospitals as soon as possible, the West Bengal government will soon set up a free ambulance service, a senior official with the state health ministry said Monday.

Based on at least 150 ambulances, the state government is currently preparing a detailed map of accident-prone areas and nearby hospitals, he said.

This service will work primarily on the GPS system, and the state government will have to pay around Rs 30 billion for the same, the official said.

“This will definitely help us save the lives of traffic accident victims. We aim to get the victims to nearby hospitals, medical schools or trauma centers within 15 to 20 minutes of receiving calls regarding the accident. This is being planned and we are want to start it asap, “he told PTI.

There will be two types of ambulances, the basic life support ambulance and the preferred life support ambulance, he said, adding that a toll-free number will be given.

The health department is in talks with the public works department (PWD), police and transportation departments, he said.

“The police and transportation departments have been asked to provide details of the accident-prone areas of the state, depending on which PWD department here will map the accident-prone areas for these types of emergency services,” he said.

West Bengal Authorities Will Quickly Begin Free Ambulance Service For Highway Accident Victims: Official

The map “Trauma Care Ambulance Mappings” contains not only the markings of the accident-prone zones but also the nearby hospitals.

The health department is also considering the possibility of renting ambulances from private operators, he said.

“This will help us cut the budget,” said the official.

When asked if private hospitals are also being enrolled for the services, the bureaucrat said the department was currently focused on including those run by the state government.

“We think so too. It’s not that we haven’t spoken to them. But you will see that most of the best private hospitals are in and around the city. Anyway, we’ll see that option as soon as this one.” Initiative is introduced. ” he added.

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