A side impact collision occurs when the front of one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. Side impact accidents can severely damage vehicles and seriously injure passengers. According to the Insurance Institute for Road Safety (IIHS), around 23 percent of all deaths from car accidents in 2018 were associated with side impact collisions.

There are several causes of side impact collisions, including:

Run a red light
Ignore or not see a stop sign
Distracted driving
Vehicle failure
Bad weather conditions
Over speeding
Aggressive driving
Driving drunk
Making an inappropriate or illegal left turn
Leave parking lots or side streets without caution
Driver fatigue
In most cases, the driver who rammed into the side of the other vehicle is responsible for the side impact collision. For help in pinpointing a bug, a victim should seek help from an attorney. A victim may be eligible for compensation for injuries and other damages. The guilty driver’s insurance company may offer compensation to quickly settle the claim, but a victim is likely to be entitled to more than what the insurer is offering.

What injuries result from side impact collisions?
The extent of the injuries depends on the circumstances, e.g. B. on the speed of the driver, the exact impact of the vehicle in question, the vehicle types and whether other vehicles or objects were involved in the accident. For example, the force of the side collision could send a car into other vehicles and lead to additional accidents. Depending on which side is hit, the driver, passenger, or both can be injured. Injuries can include:

Spinal cord injuries
Whiplash and other neck injuries
Burn injuries
Facial injuries
Skull fractures
Internal organ damage
Soft tissue damage
Skin injuries and scars
Loss of limbs
Broken bones and fractures
Brain injuries
Many of these injuries can take months, years, or more to take medical care and expense. Injuries also affect a person’s ability to work, be it for a short period of time or for a lifetime. Because of this, it is important to consult a lawyer. Compensation can help a victim recover physically and financially.

What compensation can I get after a side impact collision?
If another driver was responsible for the side impact accident, their insurer tries to limit the amount of compensation they pay the victim for their losses. They can argue that the victim was negligent and caused their own injuries. You could be trying to claim that a victim’s injuries or conditions existed prior to the accident.

The insurer usually offers the victim a financial settlement. This offer often appears generous and fair. However, they rarely compensate for future needs such as long-term rehabilitation and lost wages. Below are the types of compensation that collision victims may receive.

Economic damage
This damage includes the medical care associated with the accident, such as operations, hospital stays, rehabilitation services, medication, medical equipment, aftercare and doctor visits, and stays in nursing homes. Other economic damages include:

Future medical care needs due to accidental injuries.
Damage to the vehicle and other objects.
Loss of wages, including current and future.
Loss of earnings.
Full-time domestic help as a result of injuries, such as B. Home health care and other services.
Non-economic damage
Non-economic damage is damage that cannot be calculated in US dollars, but which significantly affects the quality of life of the victim. The non-economic damage includes, among other things:

Pain and suffering
Emotional distress
Loss of joie de vivre
Punitive damages
Punitive damages are granted by a court. Sometimes an accident is so egregious that the court will judge punitive damages to punish the negligent party.

It is important to note that the family and other loved ones of a side impact collision victim may bring an unlawful death or survival lawsuit to seek compensation. Depending on the nature of the claim, they may be compensated for the loss of their loved ones’ expected income, loss of consortium, loss of benefits, and funeral expenses.

How can a lawyer help me with my side impact collision?
A skilled attorney can help a victim get compensation so they can focus on recovery. Determining liability in a side impact collision can be difficult. Sometimes nobody is cited by a responding officer while an investigation is pending. In other cases, an insurer will vigorously try to prove that the victim was wholly or partially responsible. Here are ways an attorney can help a victim after a side impact.

Gather Evidence
This is a comprehensive process that involves multiple parties including witnesses, responding officers, experts, medical staff, and others. It can contain thousands of documents, pictures, videos, and statements. Essential evidence can help determine who caused the accident, how the victim was injured, and how much and how much damage was directly caused by the side impact.

Evidence can include, but is not limited to:

Medical records and receipts
Police report, photos and diagrams
Testimony, videos and pictures
Photos and videos of accident scenes
Accidents or quotes from the driver in the past
Diver’s background, including court and police records
Expert statements on the effects of accidents and injuries
Negotiate a settlement
Many car accidents are settled out of court. An out-of-court settlement exists if the insurer offers the culpable party an amount of money to cover medical and other costs in order to obtain the consent of the victim not to assert a legal claim. During the negotiations, the victim’s attorney will provide evidence and a request for payment that includes compensation for current and future medical expenses, lost wages and earnings, pain and suffering, and other damages.

An insurer will likely offer the lowest possible amount. The insurer can even claim that the victim was negligent or had a pre-existing condition that was not caused by the collision. For this reason, it is important for a victim to have an attorney negotiate on their behalf.

Take the claim to court
Sometimes the parties cannot reach a fair and equitable agreement. The next step is to take the claim to court through a formal lawsuit. A lawyer will prepare a solid case to help the victim get compensation. After a collision, a victim should speak to an attorney as soon as possible to determine the best course of action.

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