We often hear these commercials on television about being in an accident for which you were not responsible. Most of us switch off and do not listen to the necessary steps that you have to take if something should happen to you as we are naive that an accident can happen at any time.

If you’ve ever been in an accident through no fault of your own and need to know what steps to take to get the right advice and compensation you deserve, read on.

Obtain legal advice

Finding legal advice is one of the most important steps, along with medical care.

If you are involved in a Serious Injury, it is best to contact a Serious Injury law firm that can help you with the most serious of claims.

Even with minor injuries, you need to seek legal advice because you have to report the accident, receive the compensation you are entitled to and prevent the incident from happening again with you or someone else.

Get medical help

If the accident is serious and immediate medical attention is needed, this should be a priority. Calling emergency services will make sure you are getting the help you need to recover.

Still, it is important for those involved in an accident that does not cause physical harm to see a doctor. Accidents can affect our emotional wellbeing. Talking to someone can help you overcome the stress and worry the accident caused. Do not miss the opportunity to talk about the accident and the emotions it triggered, otherwise they could be buried for a later date.

Getting medical attention will help you keep an eye on your overall health for years to come.

to report an accident

You need to report the accident as close to the incident as possible. That way, you can get the details along correctly and prevent this from happening again.

If you leave for a few days, you could forget some important details and delay your recovery and compensation.

Get photographic evidence

Any evidence you can gather will help your case. Photographic evidence, along with statements, is the best evidence. It will show the lawyers and judges exactly what happened and what the consequences of the accident were.

Photos can be taken by yourself, the police, or from CCTV footage. If you can restore CCTV footage, the evidence is even stronger.

Find witnesses

In addition to your report, it can be helpful to use witness reports. Whether you were involved in a work accident or a car accident, there was likely a different witness than the one involved.

Using a testimony will help your claim and provide an unbiased view that the lawyers and judges will evaluate for fair compensation.

If you are ever involved in an accident through no fault of your own, make sure you take these necessary steps to ensure you are receiving the right advice, treatment and compensation.