The purpose of law enforcement agencies coming to the site of a Mississippi traffic accident is to help secure the area, guide traffic, especially if the scene of the accident poses a hazard or blocks traffic from other vehicles, determine if there is a hazard, and a Investigate what happened. If emergency services are needed, a police officer will make the call and take the necessary professionals to the crash site.

It’s important to be cooperative with law enforcement agencies when they ask you questions about your vehicle registration, insurance, and contact information. Should you be asked by an officer about other details of the crash that could lead to incriminating yourself and possibly being prosecuted, you can exercise your right not to respond to such inquiries.

Outside of criminal charges, however, the police can speak to witnesses and give you an account of what happened. If the cop doesn’t ask your side of the story, you can still try to give him your opinion. However, it is important to understand that you are under no obligation to write down or even consider what you say. All information that the officer collects at the scene of the accident is used to compile his accident report.

What should I do if an officer does not appear to my crash?

After a Mississippi car accident, if you are able to do so, you should first review all parties involved and determine if emergency medical care is required. You should call 9-1-1 and you can explain the situation to the dispatcher. If medical assistance is required, let the dispatcher know that they can send these first responders and, depending on the nature and location of your accident, a police officer may come out too.

While the police often come to the site of most traffic collisions, they don’t always do it. In the case of minor accidents in which there are no injuries and the accident does not endanger the flow of traffic, no police officer may be dispatched. Still, it’s important that you protect your best interests, and if you are choosing a Mississippi personal injury suit, you must have all of the evidence and records of your accident that you can get. This means:

  • Take photos of the orientation of your car and others involved, of skid marks on the road, of the damage to all cars and the location of this destruction, of the weather conditions, traffic lights, stop signs, etc.
  • If witnesses are around and willing to provide their contact information to give you a testimony, write that information down.
  • Exchange insurance data.
  • Write down the details as soon as possible right after your crash so you don’t forget anything. A driver may have admitted guilt, this is critical to a claim.

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