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Have you ever wondered why celebrities like Samantha Akkineni, Shilpa Shetty and Jacqueline Fernandez look so happy and beaming all the time? They are strong advocates of positivity and make sure they only do things that make them happy. But there’s so much more to how they always boast great skin despite their hectic work hours and the amount of makeup they have to put on their face every day.

You must have heard this far too late, but today all it takes is holistic beauty to achieve that flawless shine and uninhibited happiness. If you look at them or their social media handles, you’ll see how they struck the perfect balance between a healthy lifestyle, a happy work atmosphere, and some time out for the things they love to do. The Cambridge Dictionary defines Holistic Beauty as “a comprehensive approach to healthy body, mind and spirit that ultimately leads to healthier, more glowing skin”.

In simpler terms, holistic beauty goes beyond the basic night gel masks, rice water serums, and Kasturi-Manjal. It is first and foremost about the most important thing – yourself. It is a wellness practice where you give yourself some patience and believe that anything is possible.

Understand what’s going on

It’s very simple – your skin directly reflects what’s going on inside. When you are stressed it will show, when you are happy it will show, and when you are sad it will show. We often hear people talk about the benefits of soaked almonds and milk for our skin, but the only reason we can miss it is because we’re not in the mood.

What you need to do in order to change is to realize from within what certain things are of greater use for. You can try taking notes on your phone or keeping a small journal and recording a skin condition that has bothered you. Take some time and you will eventually find out what is causing the skin ailment. Without impetus or encouragement, you will find yourself subconsciously taking care of yourself, which gives you healthier skin.

Eight hours of sleep

There’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep. A few hours’ break not only calm your nerves, but also your restless skin. Getting eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night gives you the opportunity to distance yourself from all of your day-to-day activities and allow your system to handle any difficulties.

Lifestyle routine

It is extremely important to establish a routine for yourself. Establish a disciplined lifestyle that includes fixed times for sleeping, waking up, eating, and exercising. More importantly, be in tune with your habits and find happiness in what you do.

More tips:

  • Try body affirmations. We’ve all heard of the benefits of affirmations, but stand in front of the mirror and say something nice and happy to yourself every morning.
  • Cut toxic people out of your life without feeling guilty. The more you surround yourself with toxic people, the more your skin suffers.
  • Love you in spite of all your mistakes Indeed, you love your mistakes!

Holistic beauty is a very simple approach to wellbeing that results in great skin. Give it a try and share your results with us on @TimesNow

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