BATON ROUGE, LA (BRPROUD) – F-45 Training is a high-intensity group exercise studio here in Baton Rouge that also focuses on stretching and breathing. Carly Laing explains the benefits of healthy living this week.

If you’ve attended an F-45 class, you know that it is high-energy and intense, which can put a lot of stress on the body.

“It can put a strain on your body, especially when you get things wrong. Yoga gives us that balance. It allows us to focus on our breathing and flexibility, and teaches us to move while we breathe at the same time. And that applies directly to F-45 training, ”said Ranaudo.

In addition to regular training, F-45 also offers yoga once a week.

“Yoga is a great exercise in itself to begin with. Above all, we think it’s important to balance our training here, ”said Ranaudo.

Owner Anthony Ranaudo said that to have a healthy lifestyle you need balance.

“Your muscles want to contract immediately, and when you’re in the car everything gets a little tense. So we try to encourage some kind of active movement afterwards, ”said Ranaudo.

Ranaudo said the goal is to create a holistic approach to fitness and wellness.

“F-45 is only part of the day and we train to do other things during the day. So we try to include what we do in our whole day. The importance of breathing while you move and how it works and how it affects your mental health, your physical health, and all of these different things play a role in the overall health of your body. We thought this was a good way to include the holistic part of the training, ”said Ranaudo.

In the midst of our fast paced life, Ranaudo said it was important to find time to slow down.

“We even do Shavasana at the end of our yoga, which is really just put on your mat and all four go out, and you really only hear music and are present. Again, we don’t want to impose any beliefs or pathways on anyone, but meditation is a great way to rest and recover, to get your body into the more parasympathetic that we like to rest and digest, ”he told Ranaudo. “That way, your muscles are more relaxed and able to produce oxygen and blood, all the different things they need to rest and repair. When you hit the gym the next day, you can feel the best you can. ”

To learn more about F-45 and their offerings, visit their website HERE.

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