The COVID 19 pandemic and its burden on humanity have impressed the good old facts more boldly on us than ever before – health is prosperity.

A complete lifestyle transformation is necessary to cope with the rapidly changing world. We are changing our world very quickly. Our development remains almost the same as it was a hundred years ago. These are spawning stress and diseases. Almost 70% of them are lifestyle related.

The increasing trend towards lifestyle diseases and the risk of infection from a novel virus have made it clear that healthy living should be the non-negotiable part of our daily lives. We need better physical and mental health for greater immunity and better personal and professional performance.

As a medical doctor, I was responsible for conveying the knowledge from the book of science in the simplest of words. An integral approach to healthy living for everyone who can prevent disease and save millions. People can apply these actionable intelligences mentioned in the book to their lives and get the best results for healthy living.

The book is entitled “Doctor Integralist’s Prescription To Healthy Living”. It is not a book as such, it is a recipe for healthy living for everyone.

The author Dr. Biprajit Parbat discusses four health determinants that urgently need improvement in today’s world: diet, exercise, sleep, and managing stress.

Question: How do food choices and eating habits play an essential role in a healthy life?

Food is not something we use to fill our stomachs. Our food is something that our body uses to provide the necessary ingredients for building our bodies. We’ll get our food. Food that looks and smells great may not be a nutritious food in today’s world. That is why we know the natural food and develop the ability to recognize which foods we should and which we should avoid. The building block of our body should not be neglected.

Question: Why is exercise important for a healthy life?

Our muscles need minimal maintenance or they will become weak. When our muscles get weak, our joints also get weak. How our muscles support our joints. Minimal maintenance exercises are required. Aside from that, exercise improves mood, motivation, blood circulation, metabolism – to name a few.

Question: How does sleep play an important role in disease prevention and a healthy life?

Again, sleep is the most important part of our healthy life. Our body regenerates every day at night when we sleep. It prepares for the next day’s stress. Without proper sleep, the body and brain suffer from daily regeneration. Long-term sleep deprivation is certainly one way of dealing with the diseases and disabilities in the future.

Question: Why is stress management important and should it be an integral part of a healthy life?

The faster changing world produces more stress than ever before. We need physical and mental health strategies to manage this stress on our way forward. Chronic stress alters the hormonal and biological status of our bodies in ways that adversely affect our natural immunity, metabolism, and general well-being. Change will only stay constant in this world as we seek higher levels of innovation and growth to advance humanity. We should strategize our health to keep the strength of our natural development by our side as we move forward. Otherwise, our lifestyle can lead to physical and mental illness.

A person in poor health is unable to serve anyone with proper care, not even himself. Healthy living is the key to a successful life. And I give you the way – how to live it – in this book – “Doctor Integralist’s Recipe for a Healthy Life”. The book is currently available from all major online retailers. I wish you all a healthy and fulfilling journey in life.

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