Today, on International Women’s Day amid the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that we initiate a discussion about the holistic wellbeing of all mothers. While in the prevailing scenario both mental and physical wellbeing are of the utmost importance for everyone, it becomes even more important for mothers, who are the backbone of every family. This makes us think about what could be done about it. At the risk of sounding scary, I would say we can start making Ayurveda a part of our mother’s life. It is believed that Ayurveda, which comes from the ancient Vedic culture, is the oldest healing science. The reason Ayurveda has survived the test of time amid ever-evolving technology is its emphasis on maintaining an individual’s health through a balance in diet, lifestyle, and use of herbs, which in itself is a mantra for body maintenance and mind is. Also Read – Yoga During Pregnancy: Simple And Best Yogasanas For Pregnant Women Exclusive

Now let’s talk about how mothers should adapt Ayurvedic solutions in their daily lives. Women use a number of products for the wellbeing of their skin and hair care, but unfortunately most of them are loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins. There is an urgent need to say goodbye to these and adapt natural and Ayurvedic solutions. To make the fact more assertive is the power that various Ayurvedic ingredients possess. For example, gotu kala or brahmi offer excellent restorative benefits and promote collagen production to reduce scars and stretch marks, while turmeric (its main constituent, curcumin) has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Similar are the benefits of other Ayurvedic ingredients such as saffron, sandalwood, lavender oil, Indian gooseberry, etc. Read Also – NASA condemns China for “irresponsible standards” after its missile disintegrated over the Indian Ocean

Similar are the benefits of Ayurvedic ingredients when it comes to hair care. Ancient ingredients like Japapushpa, which is filled with antioxidants to help moisturize hair, and Dashamoola, a blend of 10 other herbs, make Ayurvedic solutions free from the dangers of chemical solutions. Also Read – What Are The Main Shields Against All Mutants, Future Waves Of COVID? Experts answer

Thanks to technology, it is possible to bring the power of Ayurveda home in a form that suits the modern lifestyle and is also easily accessible. What Ayurveda does is basically balance and heal the body by nourishing it and restarting its own defenses. When you’re a mom you know you don’t have bandwidth to take a break, but the least you can do is really indulge yourself. And in this way you choose Ayurvedic solutions for the holistic well-being of yourself and your family.

– Dr. Himanshu Gandhi, Co-Founder and Director, Mother Sparsh

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