DHRUV Global Schools was born as a vision of the Malpani Foundation to provide an oasis for students to grow into confident, balanced individuals with the 21st century skills they need to acquire to find their rightful place in to claim the world.

The first campus, a dream of Dr. Sanjay Malpani, an internationally renowned educator, educational guide and yoga mentor, opened in Sangamner in 2004 and has not looked back since. The DHRUV Global School campus in Sangamner today has a 7-star rating and was ranked number two across Maharashtra and number 7 on the list of all residential campuses in India.

“Children have to be taught how to think, not just what to think”, forms the basis of a child’s daily routine at DHRUV and forms the basis for the success story of all Dhruvians.

The ongoing phenomenal success achieved through the implementation of a well-structured, progressive pedagogy and sustainable quality delivery can easily be measured by the balance of more than 1,200 national – international medals that school academics, performing arts and sports professionals take home with them the foundation sponsored the opening of its second campus in Sus, Pune, in 2018. The Pune Campus has also kept the tradition of excellence alive and in such a short time has already made a name for itself as a campus that educates a child to perform at their best. The medals that the students from the campus in Sus, Pune have already brought home with them testify to the effectiveness of the DHRUV ethos.

The teaching ideology at the DHRUV Global School is based on the theory of multiple intelligence with the conviction that given the opportunity and appropriate guidance, children can achieve set goals in the area of ​​their suitability. The commitment to offer children choice, guidance, encouragement and the best learning experience is evident in the pedagogy pursued at the DHRUV.

Based on the theory of multiple intelligence, DHRUV Global School has a balanced emphasis on academics, curriculum activities, and internal guidance for competitive exams to make students intellectually competent, physically healthy, and socially useful. The students can pursue their interests and strengths to the best of their ability. There is a strong and supportive school council that helps the facility stay one step ahead of challenges, while the structured team and those in charge ensure that it runs smoothly on a daily basis.

The only goal of DHRUV is to promote a self-confident generation that is global in thoughts and deeds, but Indian at heart. The child of the 21st century has already outgrown the education of the 21st century. A school that is ahead of its time caters to the needs of the students and is at the heart of the DHRUV philosophy, as is the desire to educate yourself beyond the boundaries of the classroom. There is a tangible commitment to growth between the teacher and learner at DHRUV that helps nurture the innate qualities of students that create academic achievers, progressive thinkers, eloquent communicators, and productive and responsible citizens.

Dhruv Global School, Sus Pune

Learning to think is worth more than memorizing information. The students at DHRUV are encouraged to ask questions and think beyond what is recognized. Activities such as Science Exhibition, Maths Mela, and Commerce Clubs encourage students to develop practical skills so that they can apply their learning to unfamiliar situations and think critically about various topics. Language development, concept building, socio-emotional skills and academic development occur simultaneously through exploration, questioning and self-discovery.

With over 4,500 satisfied parents, the DHRUV family continues to grow, and the third campus will open its portals in Undri, Pune, in June 2021. The new campus in Undri offers every Dhruvian the same values ​​and opportunities that Dhruvians emphasized at school level and also when they venture out into the world as multifaceted professionals.

The state-of-the-art 5 Acre Undri Campus has a variety of indoor facilities including a 10-lane shooting range, temperature controlled swimming pool, basketball, badminton, tennis courts and special studios for the performing arts such as music, theater, sculpture, painting and dancing. The 200 m long outdoor sports track, the artificial climbing wall and the soccer field complement the possibilities for students.

The empathetic, experienced staff and faculty, who are familiar with the core vision and philosophy of the DHRUV, are all ready to raise the children they care for to be confident people who advance with belief in their own abilities.

Dhruv is truly a guiding star in the world of learning as it promotes “TRUST” and “creates a new generation of youth who think globally but are Indian at heart”.

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