K.ansas City-dispensed ModRN Health is growing and scrubbing – to help the U.S. government provide critical care when needed.

The startup for virtual solutions for basic supply has signed a two-year contract with the federal government for unlimited demand and unlimited quantities (IDIQ), which extends its offer beyond basic supply to include intensive care as a supplementary care service provider for the national telecritical emergency supply network (NETCCN) – a Growth opportunity that the platform is expected to fully flaunt if and if disaster strikes across the country.

The effort is being led by the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) – a branch of the U.S. Army in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“We are only just beginning to see the real impact virtual healthcare can and will have as it moves into this next iteration. We are very excited to be at the forefront of developing this development, ”CaRessa Hutchinson, Founder and CEO, told Startland News.

click Here to learn more about TATRC or Here to learn more about NETCCN and its network of additional partners.

ModRN Health hired 55 critical caregivers in 30 days to meet the initiative’s requirements, Hutchinson added.

“They expect us to be always ready and we only have a 48-hour window in which clinicians can be deployed,” she explained. “You could ask us for 100 nurses, 30 respiratory therapists and eight pharmacists tomorrow for a disaster, and we would have to put these people in that window virtually.”

See a video that explains this National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network below, then read on.


Hutchinson was approved amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw virtual health solutions rapidly rolling out. The partnership is not an indication of a linchpin for ModRN Health, but an example of how quickly the startup was able to respond to the needs of its market.

Anna Hagenkord, ModRN Health

“Have that [chance] Proof of our ability to scale resources quickly while maintaining the high quality for which we have become known has opened up many additional opportunities for our team, ”she said, noting the hiring of Anna Hagenkord, manager of ModRN Health’s virtual intensive care unit the most important.

Hagenkord – a native of Olathe – is helping direct the startup’s intensive care from her Colorado home, fresh from a time as a traveling nurse who was on the front lines in the early days of the pandemic.

“That background really gave me a good opportunity to start this program with NETCCN,” said Hagenkord.

“There are many things in the health infrastructure that are currently suffering from the pandemic. In smaller, rural hospitals with critical access, they have often never seen this type of visual acuity in their patients. “

ModRN Health solves the problem by providing providers with the expertise of its fast-growing workforce when questions arise and time is of the essence. All vendors only need to rely on the startup’s skilled staff to guide them.

“Everywhere in the country it looks a little different and treats it a little differently. I think it’s very helpful that we create this type of network so that hospital systems or healthcare providers – who don’t necessarily have the tools to handle the mass influx of patients – can also get in touch. “


The ModRN Health team can also provide assistance beyond a patient’s hospital stay, added Hagenkord, an example of why she joined the company.

“ModRN Health offers patient advocacy, case management, benefits advice, things like chronic disease management and medical billing review – what you call it. … ModRN Health does it all throughout patient care, ”she said.

“I feel very lucky and very blessed to be part of a company that cares for patients. I think this is the way healthcare really needs to move, and I think the things that we are doing with NETCCN and on the preventive side, pulling all things health into one, reliable source. I think this is the future of medicine. I am very happy to learn from this company. “

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