After testing positive for marijuana at the Olympic trials last month and losing his place in the women’s 100 meters, Sha’Carri Richardson has been left out of the US 4×100 relay team and will officially miss Tokyo.

Richardson has been suspended for a month after consuming marijuana (which she said she used to manage after the death of her biological mother), excluding her from the 100-meter-long stroke she won so brilliantly at the Olympic trials. The relay was still considered an option for her because it takes place later in the games after Richardson’s suspension would end. Track officials can select at least two runners for the relay team regardless of their performance performance, giving Richardson a narrow window to Tokyo.

However, relay group members had already been selected and notified before Richardson’s positive test came out, The New York Times reported. After her suspension, the next six finishers in the 100-meter race also made the team, as the coaches thought it would be unfair to take a seat away from one of these runners.

The US Track and Field released a statement reaffirming its support for Richardson and a revaluation of the current THC rules, noting: “All USATF athletes are equally aware of and must adhere to the current anti-doping code and our credibility as the National Governing body would be lost if the rules were enforced only in certain circumstances.So while our deep understanding lies with Sha’Carri, we must also maintain justice for all the athletes who tried to realize their dreams by securing a place at the US Olympic Track & Field Team. “

According to NOW, Richardson’s agent said the sprinter did not request to be on the relay team and is now focused on competitions after the Olympics. On Wednesday, Richardson confirmed to TMZ that she is not sorry about USATF’s decision. “Honestly, that news didn’t bother me because me and my team were realistic, so we figured they’d say so,” she said. “I understand the situation that is going on. So I accept it and I just know what to do going forward in my career.”