Unfold the ancient healing power of plant adaptogens with untouched and unadulterated natural plant magic for a balanced balance of body, mind and soul.

September 13, 2021: The New Age wellness and nutrition brand WLTH-We Love To Heal is ready to take the holistic health and wellness market by storm with the launch of their scientifically formulated, adaptogenic herbal supplements. The Heavenly Elixirs from WLTH intend to make daily wellness programs easier and more enjoyable by bringing a complete balance of lifestyle in physical, mental, emotional and energetic health. The brand’s founder, Arshia Pasricha, believes that self-care becomes a natural habit only when it’s easy and indulgent, and has designed WLTH products to be the perfect complement to daily self-care rituals. Drink a mindful cup of flow of energy when you wake up, a refreshing focus boost in the afternoon, and a delicious mix of calm lightness before bed. Not positioned as a quick fix, the elixirs contain the power of natural health care and, on a plant-based basis, support the body’s own healing powers so that you can think and feel like the best version of yourself.

WLTH would like to take its consumers on a healing and blooming journey with its heavenly elixirs. The founder of the brand believes that with an optimal balance of body, mind and soul, people can tune into the cosmic game and transcend with the mystical energies of the universe. Says Arshia, “WLTH is designed for consumers who are aware of what they are supplying their bodies with and are looking for clean, natural options to help them meet their life and wellness goals. Regardless of whether you want to calm down and reduce anxiety, optimize brain function, lift your mood, activate a flow state, alleviate inflammation or just get a good night’s sleep, we have a heavenly elixir for you. “

WLTH presents five products to promote healing, general well-being and holistic health:

1. WLTH Energy Flow: This formula restores your natural energy levels and supports your metabolism while combating fatigue and lethargy. It charges body + mind and serves as the perfect, clean pre-workout for your daily fitness routine. It improves physical strength, increases stamina and endurance naturally.

2. WLTH Calm Ease: This elixir serves as a solution to combat stress and anxiety. It improves calmness of the mind and promotes inner zen. It relaxes your body and promotes restful sleep.

3. WLTH Mood Lift: This formula is designed to combat irritability and moodiness. It promotes general well-being, happiness, and serves as a daily pick-up to lift your spirits. It promotes a positive state of mind and puts a smile on your face.

4. WLTH Focus Now: Experience laser-sharp focus with our focus booster. This elixir acts as a natural cognitive enhancer that supports mental clarity and productivity. The formula is the perfect solution for getting into the zone so you can get more done in less time. It supports memory and learning while promoting cognitive function.

5. WLTH Immunity & Gut: This is an essential solution to strengthen your immune function, support digestion and nourish your intestinal flora. The formula is designed to promote a healthy gut microbiome and stimulate adaptive immunity.

The miraculous healing power of adaptogens has been used since ancient civilizations. They are known as natural superheroes of the herbal world as they help the body overcome physical, mental, emotional and environmental stress while restoring optimal balance and function. They are often used as a qi tonic in traditional Chinese medicine and called rasayana herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. WLTH’s heavenly elixirs target stress at the root while improving digestion, cognition, sleep and hormone health. The formulations contain adaptogenic herbs along with complementary botanicals to nourish the endocrine and nervous systems. Its indication-specific formulas are made by selecting fast-acting, sustained-release herbs in a simple but effective adaptogenic matrix. Adaptogens increase vitality, longevity and vitality and have a balancing effect on the body. They are most beneficial when taken regularly over a long period of time. All WLTH products are completely natural and safe to use. WLTH’s manufacturing processes ensure that the products are free from unpleasant substances such as chemicals and carcinogens. A careful analysis and verification process ensures the potency and purity of the raw materials sourced from their home countries such as Korea, Russia, China and India. The bioactive ingredients are scientifically standardized and quantified to ensure balanced taste, health benefits and biochemical effectiveness. Each dose is supplied in easy-to-consume, ready-to-use sachets with optimal, synergistic combinations of ingredients.

“The WLTH has set itself the task of healing as many people as possible with a holistic philosophy with regard to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We believe that people who have access to the best tools and knowledge can develop their full human potential, ”says WLTH founder Arshia Pasricha.

“With WLTH I wanted to create a brand that stands for authentic self-expression and a witty life. It is my mission to promote holistic healing, a heart-centered and goal-oriented life. With our range of products, we strive to elevate the hearts and minds of humanity to higher levels of consciousness, connection and awareness. We want to encourage people to awaken their inner Zen and channel their cosmic energies with WLTH.

WLTH products are now available on wlth.in


WLTH is a new age wellness and nutrition brand that is redefining the concept of wealth by raising awareness of holistic aspects of health and wellness as true wealth in all dimensions. The brand believes that everyone should have access to clean, natural products that replenish the source of health and the abundant life force within us. The aim of the WLTH is to promote transformation and an optimal life experience for its consumers, since healing is a process in which body, mind and soul work together in synergy. WLTH products are highly effective and have been developed after extensive research with experienced doctors, scientists, herbalists and botanists to improve overall health, bring balance and promote daily wellbeing. The brand is committed to continuing to unlock the wonders of nature, developing innovative stress management solutions, and raising awareness of the miraculous benefits of adaptogens.

WLTH products are proudly manufactured in India in a USFDA registered, ISO 9001: 2008 certified + HACCP and WHO GMP certified facility. Every element in the process, from formulation to manufacture, conforms to WHO GMP practices. The brand adheres to strict safety and quality standards that ensure that the products that reach consumers are safe and clean. WLTH is a cruelty-free brand and believes in honoring all forms of life. 2/3 of their packaging is reusable, and they strive to make it 100% reusable. For the sake of the environment, WLTH plants one herb for every can it sells.


✅ Sustainably sourced
✅ Scientifically formulated
✅ Third party laboratory tested
✅ Effective formula with a full spectrum
✅ Clinically tested ingredients
✅ 100% vegan / vegetable
✅ Soy and gluten free
✅ Diabetic friendly ✅ Fast acting
✅ Sustainable approval
✅ No nasties / chemicals
✅ Clean label
✅Artificial color and taste free
✅ Keto-friendly ✅ USDA Bio
✅ Wild handwork
✅ ISO 9001: 2008 certified
✅ HACCP certified
✅ WHO GMP certified facility
✅ USFDA registered facility
✅ No added sugar and no preservatives
✅ Unique adaptogen matrix


Arshia Pasricha is a third generation entrepreneur with a passion for wellness, born from her own struggles with recurring hepatitis and her search for trustworthy natural remedies. WLTH became Arshia’s purpose project after naturally reversing her liver disease through a holistic approach and a plant-based diet. Grappling with an overwhelming range of inferior products, she is now devoting herself to developing innovative solutions that are accessible, scientifically rigorous, and made with quality and transparency in mind. Her desire to address her personal pain points and to positively influence people was the driving force behind the founding of WLTH.

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