The political times brought the “Global Innovation and Entrepreneur Show” with him in its unique transformative initiative that shed light on new and pioneering innovations and emerging startups in India. Mr. Akram Hoque, Founding Editor of The Policy Times, interviewed Dr. NateshBalasubramaniyan, Director – Hdgtl India Pvt Ltd India for the latest series.

HDgtlis a Medical technology Company that integrates a unique combination of traditional healthcare with digital technology based on diagnostic / imaging data that makes a difference in the world of digital healthcare.

in the India, 99.99 patients do not keep their medical report, making it extremely difficult for healthcare professionals to make a proper diagnosis and propose appropriate solutions. HDgtl will be a pioneer in maintaining such a report. This will result in an accurate diagnosis and reduce the enormous medical costs and burdens.

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Dr. Natesh, if you could tell us a little bit about yourself and the company you started.

Hdgtl is basically a combination of IT professionals, medical professionals and also specialists in another field. It’s a joint venture that Ananth S and I built together. In the medical field there is a gap between diagnosis and solution. In an effort to bridge these two, a product was named CHIP (Connected Health Informatics Platform).

Dr. Natesh, please explain the innovation and product you have purchased and how it will benefit society as a whole.

As a healthcare professional, it happens very often that I am unable to provide patients with the prescribed medical history, which is vital to an accurate diagnosis and resolution. As a solution to this problem, an app called CHIP was developed which is basically a digital health wallet that has been curated to save the medical history as one of its functions. The data security of the content in the digital wallet is entirely in the control of the user. CHIP also connects healthcare to people, a suitable solution for countries or regions where it is not available, and makes remote digital healthcare solutions an easy option.

What does CHIP offer today?

  1. Connected health – a virtual repository of all personal medical data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, HIPAA / GDPR compliant, unique risk profile assessment, AI-enabled chat box with patients, data-based interventions, intuitive user dashboard.
  2. Data security and data protection control – Blockchain-based data protection control, immutability of data sets, consent-based architecture, encryption according to industry standards.
  3. Health wallet-controlled promotions – Smart health platform that uses AI / BOTs for continuous health monitoring, PMR and easy integration with existing EMR platforms, health wallet that includes personalized medicine with consent-based privacy using blockchain, AI-powered symptom tracker to maintain optimal physical / emotional / psychological health, integrated telemedicine for advice at any time, virtual clinics for online specialist advice.

It fits any app or software in the world.

If you could share the implementation roadmap for CHIP and how would individual customers benefit from it?

HDgtl is a US-India joint venture on technology and an integrated health framework. Ananth Subramaniam runs the US business and from India I am the director.

The individual benefit is one of the core functions of CHIP as Personal health monitor with full health profile, telemedicine, symptom chatbot, consent-based wellness service, continuous personal monitor.

Patients can also book and receive medical treatments online. My health wallet Features provide summary snapshots of all personal health records, activate historical health trends and enable regular updates.

CHIP also offers a digital technology-assisted intelligent wellness platform for corporate employees. Anytime, anywhere, every device access solution is available as an app on mobile and browser platforms and offers a holistic orientation in the medical field. In India, a number of large corporations are already integrated into the CHIP system.

The app also offers a diet and nutrition solution with 24 diet recall, diet recommendations based on health parameters and continuous monitoring by a diet coach.

Music therapy: Certain ragas and song types are there for certain diseases. Music therapy plays a major role in reducing stress. We have EDURAGA – where we teamed up with famous singers to bring music therapy

Another interesting feature is Yoga to feel good, we have corporate share yoga that is every 1 hour. There is a small alarm for 2 minutes. The app tells them to do small stretches by sitting in the chair itself to make sure the muscles are relaxed and not cramping. And other yoga-like stomach ailments, pregnancy, women’s health are also available.

Mental and general women’s wellness – we are committed to hospitals so that every woman in every region can make an appointment to book a bed or doctor and get to the nearest hospital. The treatment of mental illness is offered by experts with confidentiality as the strictest limit.

The roadmap is to be achieved: 80% of the consultations via CHIP online, only serious cases such as operations and others have to be treated physically. My vision is to be a global leader in digital healthcare

Ananth Subramanian, EVP and CEO of HDgtl, adds: “The data that is entered into the system is completely secure, the blockchain part ensures that security tags are stored in this environment and that nobody can disturb them. Cepa complaint – data portability to your standard healthcare provider. Overall, it’s designed to be seamless, so you can access it here, or in the US, or any part of the world. You benefit from simple operation, safe use and widespread use. “

What kind of cooperation are you looking for from various actors in the medical field and otherwise for a successful implementation of CHIP? Would you like to address the uniqueness of CHIP?

CHIP is designed to make health care accessible to all. We plan to work not only with city dwellers, but also with the government to integrate the rural population into the system, as in India 60% of the population live in a rural area with scarce or no health care facilities. We have a plan to master CHIP in all Indian vernacular languages ​​for easy access and understanding. In fact, we’re also bringing an AI video bot so that the people who can’t read can chat and use the solution. And this is a segment that we believe nobody addressed.

This also requires a lot of financial protection, do you have a financial strategy in mind?

So far we have brought our innovation up to date. At the moment, Anant and I have spoken to investment agencies and private donors and we are about to begin the first round of financing.

The series was directed and supervised by Dr P. Sekhar, Chairman Unleashing India, Global Smart City Panel, MTGF.

In his closing remark, Dr. Sekhar that CHIP is a globally relevant digital health platform. It has a high prospect of digitally transforming traditional healthcare. By seamlessly integrating healthcare and digital technology, CHIP is an added benefit for people of all ages. This is useful for a child who will be born tomorrow or for the person waiting in the intensive care unit. Everyone wants to use it and in strategic planning and operation it may require worldwide recognition and good traction in the years to come.

For more information on Innovation Innovator Dr. Natesh Balasubramaniyan can be contacted at the following information:

Mob: +91 98410 67776

E-mail: [email protected]


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HDgt is a med-tech company that integrates a unique combination of traditional healthcare with digital technology based on diagnostic / imaging data that makes a difference in the world of digital healthcare.


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