Global water technology company Xylem will showcase its extensive portfolio of mining solutions at MINExpo from September 13-15, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Working with mining professionals to develop efficient water management solutions, Xylem’s mining expertise increases the productivity, safety, reliability and sustainability of mining sites in North America and internationally.

Ken Albaugh, Director of Sales, Rental and Equipment at Xylem, said, “Managing water well in a mine has never been more important. We know from experience that this requires a holistic view of water use in mining – from procurement and drainage to treatment and reuse. Every step in the mine water cycle is part of a process that can increase productivity, reduce costs and ultimately transform mine water management from a cost factor into a strategic advantage. In short, we make sure our customers’ water money works as hard as possible. “

Holistic mine water management includes checking the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of all aspects of a company’s water processes in order to optimize the overall system.

Albaugh continued, “Each mine has different operating conditions and challenges. Our team members are trained and certified in the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) and have firsthand experience of the range of problems mines face today. We know that bespoke water management solutions deliver better results by minimizing production downtime, lowering operating costs, improving performance and safety, and reducing environmental impact. “

“Our mining customers have specific requirements and Xylem identifies the best overall solution to meet these requirements by examining the entire water management system of the mine, among other things. This is an important first step in increasing efficiency and safety while reducing costs, ”explains Albaugh.

The featured products include:

  • Flygt 2201: a robust and reliable drainage pump based on 50 years of successful use in the mining industry. Its versatility and portability make it a draining multi-performer, and MSHA-approved versions are available for approved applications. It can withstand tough liquids that contain fine rock, sand, clay, sediments, or other abrasives. Additional hydraulic functions offer additional flexibility for construction and mining tasks.
  • The Flygt H 5100 slurry pump is ideal for open units and can process the abrasive slurry. Flygt H 5100 pumps support efficient, reliable drainage and reduce downtime and operating costs. The sweptback impeller is engineered to reduce wear by allowing the particles in the volute to flow smoothly instead of jumping, while its submersible design provides greater efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • Both the Flygt BIBO 2830 and Flygt 2670 are equipped with Flygt’s Dura Spin and Flygt Spin-OutTM closed impellers, which remove abrasives from the impeller neck and seal cavity to minimize downtime with superior wear resistance and ensure a long pump life. The BIBO 2830 features the BIBO design and shape which provides stability and robustness, while the Flygt 2670 design maximizes uptime in even the toughest conditions with an air valve that keeps the motor cooler and improves pump performance (when in use the thermal contact monitoring).
  • Goulds Water Technology e-SV is an energy saving vertical multistage pump. Equipped with a highly efficient motor that can withstand mechanically aggressive liquids and high temperatures, it extends the operating time and lowers the life cycle costs. In combination with an Aquavar® IPC frequency converter, it enables energy savings of up to 70% compared to operation with a fixed speed.
  • Using predictive analysis, optimyzeTM identifies potential problems with pumps or motors before they occur, thus increasing system reliability. It regularly monitors system vibration and temperature, and gives everyday users access to easy-to-use monitoring tools from iOS or Android mobile devices. This enables operators to understand the current health and historical trends of assets, create maintenance reminders, and generate detailed reports. This allows preventive maintenance to be scheduled before potential problems lead to downtime.
  • With 140 models and a wide range of material options, the single-stage, double-priming centrifugal pump Xylem e-XC offers a wider hydraulic range and greater efficiency than previous models. Building on a legacy of pump innovation, the e-XC offers flow rates in excess of 57,000 gpm and can easily handle medium and large capacity systems and higher head applications.
  • Vertical turbine pumps such as Goulds Water Technology’s short set VIT turbine pumps lower operating costs and improve water management by delivering industry-leading pump efficiencies. Vertical linear shaft turbines are configured so that the hydraulic components are immersed in the pumped fluid while the motor is above the ground, making it easier to access electrical components for repair or replacement. The modular structure also enables cost-effective re-bowling. Hydraulic coverage ranges from 50-20,000 gpm with options for up to 50,000 gpm and multi-stage configurations for high pressure solutions.
    • Both the e-XC and the VIT turbine pumps will be exhibited with optimyze at Xylem’s MINExpo booth.
  • Reduce water consumption, operating costs and maintenance time with a compact and efficient plate heat exchanger such as the standard Xchange Plate & Frame HX. The product line offers heat transfer areas of up to 47,000 ft2 in 1/3 – 1/5 of the room. Plateflow models have more effective heat transfer than traditional shell and tube heat exchangers and are designed with accessible surfaces for easier cleaning and replacement.

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