Building a million dollar business is already difficult. Build a multi-million dollar brand? Much harder. It can be said that it is impossible to build a multi-million dollar brand while proudly wearing the hats of a father, husband, and teacher to millions.

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However, Yahdan Yada, commonly known as the Minister of Holistic Health, has proven that anything is possible with the right mindset. “What is more powerful, what is more amazing and what is more beautiful than you?” was his daily mantra that grounded him and focused on price. A mantra that millions of people are now chanting in their daily lives to push them past any point of resistance.

For 15 years, Yada has always been drawn to enlightening and nurturing people by bringing not only hope but also love for themselves to create a better tomorrow. Before starting his business, he admits that his path has not been easy. Yada searched, traveled and studied different cultures. “I remember lying in bed as a child and my thoughts going non-stop. And I said to myself, “Whoever my ancestors were must have been a powerful thinker” while I couldn’t sleep. “

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With his experience and passion for helping people, Yada founded The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation.

Although Yada was now extremely successful, his path to success was not an easy one.

Yada grew up in a household with only one parent. His mother worked hard to meet his needs. She worked several jobs at the same time, mostly in maintenance. On numerous occasions he saw his mother come home from one shift and sleep in her cot in her work clothes so that she would be willingly prepared for her second shift. “My mother made it her business to look after her children.” There was a point when she started building. However, she did not get her wages. “

The story goes on

Yada was devastated when she knew this. And since childhood, he vowed to give him and his mother a better life.

Yada’s company offers alternative remedies for illness, pregnancy and everyday health. The company also offers a food guide to help customers lead healthy lives. One of his most profound teachings is: “Health is not just the body, it is also the mind” and “Diseases are not hereditary, but family traditions are. We pass on our eating habits and our general living habits, but expect a different result. “

The Apple Of Eve is Yada’s best-selling product. It has been sold internationally and has helped millions around the world. The product sold so heavily that he had to temporarily suspend sales due to strong demand. This package helped Yada transform its brand into a multi-million dollar company. Currently, Yada is traveling to different continents such as Africa, South America and Asia to get the most potent ingredients that will help mass-produce this “green wonder in a bottle”.

The products are all rich in powerful nutrients and antioxidants to help boost, support and revitalize immunity. It also helps people live long, healthy lives.

Yada was forced to grow up so quickly and was also exposed to the streets. He saw disease, drugs, poverty and violence ruin people’s lives.

From this experience, Yada knew that he had to help his family and other people.

It made him seek peace, health, and prosperity.

Their following also continues to grow. At the time of writing, Yada Awakening has over 1 million followers and is growing on Instagram (yada_awakening) and Facebook (yadaawakening).

Yada’s products are bought by thousands of people all over the world. In just 5 years, Yada’s brand made $ 5 million.

His commitment in life was geared towards helping thousands of people change their lives for the better. He helps them in many ways to become the best versions of themselves. Yada’s driving force is to teach, guide and inspire all people to “fall deeper in love with themselves in every way”, regardless of race, religion, gender or age.

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