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Ludhiana, June 21

The 7th International Yoga Day was celebrated today with great zeal by various organizations in the city.

A state event of the Ayurveda department took place in Sangrur and was broadcast live. Other districts also participated in the program. The district Ayurveda and Unani representative Dr. Pankaj Gupta said the pandemic has highlighted the importance of a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing, and yoga is one of the most effective ways to achieve holistic development.

The Nehru Yuva Kendra organized special camps in 12 blocks of the district to observe the day. Up to 28,000 people took part in the camps.

District Youth Commissioner Rashmeet Kaur said that due to the Covid-19 restrictions, no major event was organized, but various small camps were held across the state in strict compliance with Covid standards.

“Yoga is important for maintaining a fit body and a healthy mind. Yoga is a form of exercise that works without equipment and can be practiced at home. Each individual has to make it a part of their daily life. It has several health benefits, including flexibility, muscle strength, blood circulation, improved immunity, heart rate, controlled blood pressure, and many others, “said the district’s youth officer.

Meanwhile, the yoga consultant Dr. Sanjeev Singh Rawat at the Hero DMC Heart Institute puts health care workers on the front lines of various yoga asanas. Rawat said that in recent years, yoga has grown in popularity with people of different ages.

Nursing Superintendent Manjeet Bawa said during the Covid times, many nurses at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital and the DMC Heart Institute performed yogaasanas on a regular basis to keep them in a better mood.

An ABVP team also celebrated the day in Rakh Bagh. Students from different educational institutions did yoga and participated in various fun games. After the session, the team planted neem and ‘jamun’ saplings on the bagh.

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