Prime Minister Narendra Modi said yoga is a source of people’s inner strength.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Monday that yoga has become a source of people’s inner strength amid the Covid pandemic, adding that yoga has become a medium for turning negativity into creativity.

“Yoga shows us the way from stress to strength and from negativity to creativity. Yoga tells us that there are so many problems, but we have an infinite number of solutions within ourselves. We are the greatest source of energy in the universe, ”said PM, addressing the nation on the occasion of the 7th International Yoga Day.

“Today, medicine also attaches importance to the healing process in addition to medical treatment. Yoga helps the healing process, ”added PM Modi.

“For most countries in the world, Yoga Day is not their ancient cultural festival. During this difficult time, people who have so many difficulties might forget it. But on the contrary, people’s enthusiasm for yoga has increased Love for yoga has increased, “said PM.

Yoga often offers us a path to holistic health, he said, adding that several studies are being conducted around the world to understand the effects of yoga on our bodies and immune systems.

“Doctors have used yoga as a shield to treat patients. There are pictures of hospitals where doctors and nurses teach yoga doing breathing exercises like Anulom Vilom Pranayama. International experts say these exercises strengthen the respiratory system, ”he said.

“The sadhus and mahatmas practiced yoga not only for physical health, but also for physical well-being. That is why there is so much emphasis in yoga on mental well-being,” he added.

International Yoga Day (IDY) is celebrated across the country on June 21 each year. This year the theme of the event is “Yoga For Wellness” and focuses on the practice of yoga for physical and mental wellbeing.

Since 2014, the occasion has been observed in mass gatherings in different parts of the country.

Last year and this year, however, the flagship event was presented on a television broadcast due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

IDY observation is a global activity and preparatory activities usually begin 3-4 months before June 21st. Millions of people are introduced to yoga every year as part of IDY observation in the spirit of a mass movement.

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